Saturday, February 20, 2016

100 Percent Saturday February 20, 2016 - Vote For Julio Pabon

By Robert Press

Vote For Julio Pabon

    The Committee of 100 Democrats Executive Director Mr. John Perez was a candidate in the 17th City Council Special Election to be held this Tuesday February 22nd. On the way to the voting booth however Mr. Perez and four other candidates were knocked off the ballot by the Bronx Democratic County organization. Mr. Perez was angry, but he learned a lesson about politics. He then spoke to his longtime friend (who might have been his opponent) Mr. Julio Pabon (who the Bronx Democratic County organization was not able to knock off the ballot), and along with Elliot Quinones another former candidate who was knocked off the ballot by the county organization wound up today endorsing Julio Pabon for the 17th City Council Special Election. 
    There were false rumors set out by candidate George Alvarez (who the county organization also could not knock off the ballot, or intentionally left on the ballot to take away votes from other candidates) that the Committee of 100 Democrats had endorsed him. Today the Committee of 100 Democrats in addition to the two former candidates, Teamsters Local 210, other unions, and several prominent community people endorsed candidate Julio Pabon in Tuesday's 17th City Council Special Election.  
    The Committee of 100 Democrats thanks Mr. Anthony Rivieccio and Mr. Michael Benjamin (or is it Michael Blake (its an inside joke from Friday night's African American Abroza)) for their help in uncovering this false endorsement. We are now learning more about this scheme by a Republican operative from Queens County, and the Committee of 100 Democrats has learned it may have something to do with the matching funds that Mr. Alvarez was seeking from the Campaign Finance Board. 
   Candidate Alvarez rest assured that the Committee of 100 Democrats will be in contact with the Campaign Finance Board so the Committee hopes you have not spent any monies that you should have to return to the CFB. 
   The Bronx Democratic County organization has invested heavily, called in many favors, and just tried to buy the special election thinking they are some kind of Donald Trump or Michael Bloomberg, when in fact they have a bad candidate. I had to file a Freedom Of Information Letter with Bronx Community Board #2 where the County organization candidate is the District Manager because there were no Community Board #2 minutes, Executive Board minutes, or District Service Cabinet minutes which all are suppose to be on hand in the community board office for viewing at any time, and it is the job of the District Manager to have this information available. So Community Board #2 District Manager Rafael Salamanca the county candidate what have you been doing with your time, it certainly was not your job as District Manager. I also requested to see the correspondence from the District Manager to Community Board #2 as the exact date he submitted to the board that he was a candidate for public office since the District Manager according to his campaign Financial Disclosure statements had been collecting monies for his City Council Campaign as far back as September 2015. Also the Bronx Democratic County Leader Assemblyman Marcos Crespo announced on December 18th that after interviewing the interested candidates for the soon to be vacant 17th City Council seat that the Bronx Democratic County organization has decided to endorse the District Manager of Community Board #2 Mr. Rafael Salamanca. Another question is why is the county candidate still being introduced as the Community Board #2 District Manager when he should be introduced as either former District Manager or just plain Mr. 
    Check this blog archive for many other important items besides the February 22nd 17th City Council Special Election which have occurred such as the Bronx Parks Speak Up, Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr.'s 'State of the Borough Address, Statements from the New York State Attorney's office, Statements from the U.S. Attorney's office, and of event to come such as the many Bronx Chamber of Commerce events, or other events that may be coming up. 
      If you have any political information that you want to share or have checked out, any comments about this column or would like to have an event listed or covered in this column or on this blog, you can e-mail us at or call 718-644-4199 Mr. Robert Press.  

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