Sunday, June 5, 2016

640 West 238th Street - The Windows of the A Line of the Apartment Building Next Door

  Unfortunately this was the best photo that I could get of the former windows of the bottom floor of the apartment building in which the 'A Line' of the Bonnie House have been closed off with cement blocks and cement. This A line was built to the property line of the Bonnie House where a one family house was set back from the sidewalk allowing for a lovely view and ventilation from the soon to be cemented windows.
   The building right next door which replaces the one family house will be eight stories tall (two more than its neighbor), and those windows you see will also have to be cemented over (after the air conditioners are removed) just like the bottom floor which no longer has windows facing 640 West 238th Street. 
   As you saw in previous posts on this blog it appears that the developer of 640 West 238th Street has no compassion for the community, and is only after making a quick buck. The fun will begin in two months on the corner of Blackstone Avenue and West 238th Street when the one family home with a nice size yard which included two (about) 75 tear old trees will have to be cut down. The garage of the Bonnie House at the corner of Blackstone Avenue and West 237th Street is to be demolished and an L-Shaped building constructed to the property line. Oh, did I forget to say that the Blackstone Avenue site is directly across from where Assemblyman Jeffrey Dinowitz lives, and after he bought his coop the 18 story glass building the Solaria was built. This new building would be the second taller building across from his terrace of the assemblyman.

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