Friday, June 17, 2016

Assemblyman Mark Gjonaj - Morris Park Gas Main Project


On Wednesday June 1, 2016, employees from ConEd met with the Morris Park Association to explain the work being done in the Morris Park area.  They explained that the work being done is part of a Gas Main Replacement Program which is part of a green energy program and will assist in converting from oil heat to gas heat and replace the existing piping to plastic piping, which is more durable and has a longer life.
The work being done is targeted to areas based on historical data that has been shown to have leaks. The piping in these areas are being updated, even if there have been no leaks, in an effort to prevent leaks in the future.
The primary focus of these updates will be from Williamsbridge Road to Bogart Avenue, which can be seen on the map below. The area highlighted in the blue is the "Accelerated Main Project" where the most significant amount of work has and will be done.  The area highlighted in green indicates the "Non Prone Leak Pipes" which has already been completed, while the red highlighted area shows additional piping that will be replaced.
The entire area may take up to one year to complete with 6 months to a year total time to convert to the use of natural gas. Each project area will take 3 weeks to one month to complete, depending on the amount of homes on each block.
We do not have dates in which the work will be done in each area; however, we will update the community when that information becomes available.

We ask that you be patient during the time in which this work is being done.


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