Saturday, August 13, 2016

Assemblyman Michael Blake - Join me in Martha's Vineyard next Wednesday

Please join us for a reception
in support of Michael Blake
Assemblyman of New York State’s 79th District


Time4:30pm - 7:00pm
DateWednesday, August 17th
Location: 9 Huntington Ave, Oaks Bluff
Have a question? Contact Britney Whaley at
Assemblyman Blake left out the state, that being Massachusetts..
Things to visit in Oak Bluff Massachusetts -
Yankee Stadium - NO
Bronx Borough Hall - NO
The Bronx Zoo, or Bronx Botanical Garden - NO
The Bronx Hub on 149th Street - NO
Anything Bronx - NO
But you can find  Lola's Martha's Vineyard, the Flying Horses Carousel,
The Ritz • Martha's Vineyard, The Barn, Bowl & Bistro, 
Sand Bar Martha's Vineyard to name a few.

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