Saturday, August 27, 2016

Councilman Eric Ulrich to Join NYC Transit Museum for Vintage Subway Car Ride

   Councilman Eric Ulrich will join the NYC Transit Museum Today for a ride on a vintage subway car round-trip between Beach 116th Street and Rockaway Boulevard. 

The ride will feature both BMT Standard cars and D-Type Triplex cars.  The BMT Standard cars were in service from 1916 to 1969 and featured larger windows, brighter lighting and center doors.  The 134 foot-long "Triplex" cars were ordered in 1924 and featured an enclosed passageway between cars. 

What: Councilman Eric Ulrich joins the NYC Transit Museum for a ride on a vintage subway car
Where: Begins and ends at the Beach 116th Street Subway Station (Beach 116th Street between Beach Channel Drive and Rockaway Beach Boulevard)
When: Saturday, August 27, at 11:30 am

(444k, 1044x708)<br><b>Country:</b> United States<br><b>City:</b> New York<br><b>System:</b> New York City Transit<br><b>Line:</b> IND Rockaway<br><b>Location:</b> Between 108th st and 116th St/Rockaway Park<br><b>Car:</b> BMT D-Type Triplex 6019 <br><b>Collection of:</b> David Pirmann<br><b>Viewed (this week/total):</b> 2 / 2586

System: New York City Transit
Line: IND Rockaway
Location: Between 108th st and 116th St/Rockaway Park
Car: BMT D-Type Triplex 6019 
Collection of: David Pirmann

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