Saturday, August 27, 2016

Family Fun Day in St.James Park

  Yesterday was Family Fun Day in St. James Park. This event was sponsored by Assemblyman Victor Pichardo and State Senator Gustavo Rivera. There were information tables at the event from various New York City agencies, and neighborhood non-profit organizations. The photos should tell the rest of the story. 

Above - You can see some of the informative tables that were at St. James Park.
Below - State Senator Gustavo Rivera was given the task of handing out ticket stubs for a free backpack to the hundreds of children as you see in this photo. The good senator was also able to tell parents of his work in the community. 

Above - Assemblyman Victor Pichardo smiles as he gives out a back pack to a child to get prepared for the first day of school, which starts in two weeks. 
Below - There were 1,000 back packs on hand to give out, that were made in the USA. Assemblyman Pichardo is able to catch a break for a sip of water as has given out several hundred back packs already.  

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