Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Nothing New at Board of Elections Hearings

  There seemed to be nothing new this year when compared to previous years when party positions have been up for grabs. There have been slates of people who want to get elected to a party position, and then there are those who want to stay an elected to their party positions. This year was no different. 

Down in the pits (as it is called) you can see the two Bronx Board of Elections official with counsel to the Board of Elections as the Commissioners of the Board of Elections sit in the background. 

Above - King Stanley Schlein is defending a candidates petition to keep that candidate on the ballot.
Below - King Stanley is representing the challenger to try to knock off the candidates petition.

  The highlights included King Stanley Schlein the lawyer for the Bronx Democratic County organization representing current 78th A.D. Assemblyman Jose Rivera's Democratic petition.  As I said in last weeks 100 PERCENT column in the Bronx Voice that Rivera's petition looked like a school board petition with lots of mistakes that would be expected of an amateur. Here are the numbers from the clerks report - 2,553 signatures filed for current Assemblyman Jose Rivera. Total valid signatures 901, valid signatures needed 500 - result Jose Rivera will be on the democratic primary ballot even though the Board of Elections ruled more than seventy-one percent of the signatures invalid. That was not counting any fraud, forgery, or any one of many items that the Board of Elections does not rule on which has to be challenged in the courts. Bronx Democratic County Counsel Stanley Schlein however was also able to keep incumbent Jose Rivera on the Working Families line. Probably should Rivera lose the Democratic primary he will still be on the November ballot. One person asked me "Just who is Schlein working for" adding that Schlein has no business keeping someone on the Working Families line. "What's next keeping someone on the Republican line"?

   As for others - Hector Ramirez was ruled to be on the ballot in the 86th A.D., Jason McNeil was ruled off for not having enough signatures filed, but was also ruled off earlier for no cover sheet. King Stanley said he wanted to give "A Double Whack to this one". In the 80th A.D. it looks like Assemblyman Mark Gjonaj will not face a challenger, but his Female District Leader will. In the 87th A.D. the entire slate of candidates for Assemblyman Luis Sepulveda will be facing primary opponents, and the 79th A.D. insurgent Judicial Delegate slate has been knocked off by Current Female District Leader Cynthia Cox. 
   The court challenges now begin as some of the challenges heard today are already in the courts as said by a few candidates. 

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