Thursday, August 25, 2016

Senator Klein, NYCHA Chair Olatoye Delivered Hundreds of Refrigerators to Sack Wern Houses Tenants

Klein secured $200,000 for over 370 brand new appliances

State Senator Jeff Klein and NYCHA Chair and CEO Shola Olatoye, Assemblyman Marcos Crespo, and Councilwoman Annabel Palma joined tenants of the Sack Wern Houses to announce the delivery of hundreds of new refrigerators today.

“New York City public housing residents deserve to live in clean, safe homes, and I have been proud to work towards a reinvestment in the New York City Housing Authority. As part of my work, I secured $200,000 of state funds to deliver over 370 long-needed, brand new refrigerators to these tenants. As we struggle to hold on to affordable housing throughout the city, we must ensure that our public housing receives the support it needs to thrive,” said Senator Klein.
After hearing residents’ concerns and learning about the need to replace the badly-worn appliances, Senator Klein worked to ensure that the agency received the resources necessary to deliver new ones. Partnering with NYCHA Chair and CEO Olatoye, the refrigerators will be delivered and installed starting on August 25, through September 2. A total of 377 appliances were purchased, ensuring that every apartment in need will receive one.

“NYCHA is focused on improving quality of life for residents across our city – and this collaborative effort in The Bronx is delivering for Sack Wern residents,” said NYCHA Chair and CEO Olatoye. “Thanks to a strong partnership with Senator Klein, Sack Wern residents are receiving high-quality, brand-new refrigerators – an upgrade that should show this community we are investing in them and the next generation of public housing.”
Sack Wern Houses is seeing improvements as part of NextGeneration NYCHA (NextGen), the Authority’s ten-year strategic plan to stabilize the financial crisis facing New York City’s public housing while creating safer, cleaner, and more connected communities. NextGen’s 15 targeted strategies support four principal goals: change the way NYCHA is funded; operate like a more modern, efficient landlord; (re)build existing public housing and new affordable housing; and engage residents in meaningful ways.
In 2015 the roofs were replaced on all 7 buildings at Sack Wern Houses. The work funded through bond proceeds, costs $11.3 million to complete and included repairs to the building facades. There is currently a comprehensive effort underway to resurface the parking lot at the development. The basketball court was resurfaced last year and brand new play equipment was installed at the development’s playground.

“It’s always pleasure to work alongside Senator Klein as he fights for the people of our community. This funding will deliver new appliances to residents of NYCHA and demonstrates the Senator’s commitment to improve the quality of life of our constituents,” said Assemblyman Crespo.

“Thanks to Senator Klein and NYCHA Chair Olatoye for helping facilitate the acquisition of nearly 400 refrigerators for the residents of Sack Wern Houses. I see this act as a step forward, in that maintenance of our public housing infrastructure is no longer being sidelined, in an earnest effort to improve the quality of life of tenants in comprehensive and actionable ways. Securing funding is vital to ensuring NYCHA apartments remain viable places to live; this is a big step towards achieving that goal,” said Councilwoman Palma.

“Many thanks to Senator Klein from the Residents of Sack Wern Houses.  The Senator worked tirelessly for  over a year to get the refrigerators that were requested during a door-to-door conducted by a member of his staff . A good working refrigerator is essential in keeping a household in good working order,” said Tenant Leader Loretta Masterson.

State Senator Klein, Assemblyman Crespo, Councilwoman Palma, and NYCHA Chair and CEO Shola Olatoye show off the new refrigerator.

The Press conference was however not without questions such as the new stoves which one tenant said were also promised along with the new refrigerators. Senator Klein said that he wanted to get the new refrigerators first, then he will work on the stove issue.

NYCHA CEO Shola Olatoye responds to my question about water leaks in the Noble Avenue Houses by saying that NYCHA has many building problems, and is embarking on a ten year plan to fix up the aging houses. She added that however that will take a lot of money which has to be found somewhere.

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