Thursday, October 20, 2016

Which Way Do We Park DOT?

Above is a photo of Fieldston Road between West 236th and West 238th Streets. This one way street was repaved by the city in August and new lines have finally been painted on the street. This line painting however occurred on a day that alternate side of the street parking was suspended and you will see in other photos the results of it. There use to be head in angle parking as you drove up the street, but that has now been replaced with lines for back in angle parking, but drivers were never told this as you can see in the photo above.

Above - This car was parked head in so the the lane marking could not be painted. You can also see a car parked in the lines but head in and not backed in.
Below - Again this car was parked as it always was head in so the new line could not be fully painted.

Above - Another car parked the old way so the full lane marking could not be painted.
Below - With the new back in angle parking two new parking spaces have been added at the corner of West 236th Street. However the sign stating 'No Parking has not been replaced, and these two cars could (if they have not already) be given parking tickets. Two parking spaces were removed at the West 238th Street corner for a new larger safety zone, so there was no gain in the number of parking spaces. 

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