Wednesday, January 11, 2017

WHAT YOU SHOULD KNOW By Senator Rev. Rubén Díaz

Kudos to Our Leader Senator Andrea Stewart Cousins! 

You should know that after many years of ignoring my proposals to protect New York State’s senior citizens, Governor Andrew Cuomo has finally seen the light. 

You should already know that because of the alliance between a group of breakaway Democrats, led by Senator Jeff Klein to form the Independent Democratic Conference and keep the Republicans in power, senior citizens have been suffering. 
It is important for you to know that for years, my proposals as a Democrat to protect and support senior citizens have been ignored.  The partnership between the Independent Democratic Conference and the Republicans has kept projects for senior citizens that I proposed, on hold. 

Now, Governor Andrew Cuomo has taken my proposals to protect and help senior citizens and has announced them as his own   These are the very same proposals that the Senate Majority  has refused for years to support. 

In her Statement referring to how Governor Cuomo mirrored Senate Democratic efforts, our Leader Senator Andrea Stewart-Cousins wrote: 

“Another day and another set of proposals by the governor that mirrors initiatives long supported by Senate Democrats. 

The increased availability for electric vehicle charging stations proposal mirrors efforts pushed by Senator Parker. The wage theft proposal is similar to a bill advanced by Senator Peralta and the protecting seniors proposals are similar to bills created by our Aging Committee Ranker Senator Diaz. 

If all Democrats had united and given us our rightful majority these proposals would pass the Senate,” she said, referring to the Independent Democratic Conference, which caucuses with Senate Republicans. 

Here are just a few examples of how my colleagues and I in the Senate Democrats have already advanced legislation which mirrors what Governor Cuomo is calling for in his State of the State presentations:  … The Governor’s proposals to protect our seniors from financial abuse and homelessness that are similar to bills created by Senator Ruben Diaz, who has led this fight as the Ranking Member of the Senate’s Committee on Aging.” 

Bills protecting seniors from financial abuse and homelessness include: 
 S.262B – Creates a financial exploitation prevention program to aid seniors from being financially exploited (Senator Ruben Diaz, Sr.) 
 S.115 – Creates the senior housing task force (Senator Ruben Diaz, Sr.) 
 S.145 – Creates a senior housing partnership/public authority (Senator Ruben Diaz, Sr.) 
 S.274 – Creates the senior tenant advocacy bureau (Senator Ruben Diaz, Sr.) 

I was delighted to read that Senator Andrea Stewart-Cousins’ Statement that was covered on January 9, 2016 in Crain’s, the Legislative Gazette, and other publications. 

While I am relieved that services may finally be provided for our senior citizens, I cannot accept any excuse to prevent or delay senior citizens from receiving any and all of the assistance they need and deserve. 

Kudos to Senator Andrea Stewart Cousins for giving credit where credit is due! 

I am Senator Reverend Rubén Díaz and this is what you should know.


It is nice to see that State Senator Ruben Diaz Sr. is on the Democratic side today.

It must mean that Senator Diaz Sr. is running in a Democratic primary this year for City Council.

It is great to see that Senator Jeff Klein and the IDC have learned from the mistakes of the 'Four Amigos' (of which Senator Diaz Sr. was a part of) when you cross the isle, to work for the people and not yourself. 

Could it be those bells ringing on the Ice Cream trucks that Senator Diaz Sr. uses for his campaigns that have him thinking he is a Democrat, and sponsoring Democratic legislation. 

Wasn't it the New York State Republican Leader Ed Cox who was with Senator Diaz Sr. and Councilman Rafael Salamanca at his toy giveaway at the start of this new year?

Also wasn't it Senator Diaz Sr. who stood with Republican candidate for governor Rob Astorino on East 149th Street as Senator Diaz endorsed Republican Astorino for Governor, and not Democrat Andrew Cuomo?

And wasn't it Senator Diaz Sr. who met with Republican Ted Cruz during the Republican Presidential primary?

Governor Cuomo must have known that.

Senator Diaz Sr. is a perfect example of why term limits is needed in the state legislature.

At least today we know Senator Diaz is on the Democratic side, or is he? Senator Diaz Sr. should do his job in Albany, and not start campaigning for the 18th City Council seat.

That is What You Should Know.

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