Thursday, March 9, 2017

Bronx Republican Dinner

  Last night saw the rebirth of the Bronx Republican Party under new Chair Michael Rendino. After suffering the indictment of two of the three previous Bronx Republican County Leaders, and the failing health of the past county leader John Greaney. New Republican County Leader Mike Rendino had a very successful dinner with almost 400 Republicans, Conservatives, and even Democrats in attendance. There were even three possible Republican Mayoral Candidates John Catsimatidis, Paul Massey, and Michael Faulkner, along with representation from different boroughs including Republica rich Staten Island. 

  What was seen last night had to be the rebirth of the Bronx Republican Party under County Leader Mike Rendino. The Honorees included the former Bronx Republican Leader John Greaney, Businessman Darnell Sutton, Frank Spotorno former candidate for congress who garnered 30,000 votes against an entrenched Democratic incumbent, Freddy winter a 12 year veteran of the NYPD, and Wayne Gurman Bronx actor, director, and producer. 

  Also on hand working the room was 13th City Council candidate John 'The Tax Man' Cerini who will be the candidate of the Republican Party in the 13th City Council race. There are six Democrats looking to be the candidate of the Democratic Party, and candidate Cerini did not have a preference as to who he wanted to run against. Photos are below.

Above -Chair Rendino with his candidate for the 13th City Council district John Cerini.
Below - Chair Rendino with some Bronx Republicans.

Above - Possible Mayoral candidate John Catsimatidis with New York State Republican Chair Ed Cox.
Below - Republican Mayoral candidate Paul Massey talks to the audience.

Above - Republican Mayoral candidate Michael Faulkner.
Below - Former Bronx Board of Election Republican Commissioner J.C. Polonco with possible Mayoral candidate John Catsimatidis.

Above - Chair Rendino welcomes and talks about the future of the Bronx Republican Party, and its goals which include electing a Republican Mayor in 2017.
Below the Executive members of the Bronx Republican Party. The District Leaders and State Committee members.

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