Monday, March 6, 2017

Statement from Comptroller Scott M. Stringer on President Trump’s New Travel Ban

   “Let’s call this new travel ban what it is: another paper-thin attempt to target people based on where they’re from, what religion they practice, and their cultural heritage. It’s another all-out assault on the Constitution, and another attempt to target Muslims. This White House is showing, day after day, that it actively believes in discrimination and supports tearing families apart.
“This order makes us less safe – not more. It doesn’t further U.S. interests –  it undercuts our standing in the world. It doesn’t put ‘America first’ – it shreds the very fabric that binds us as a nation and as New Yorkers. It takes us in the wrong direction – fast.
“Accepting refugees is about common sense and common decency. Welcoming people from every country, no matter what religion they practice, is what makes this nation strong. And President Trump seems to be doing all he can to put himself on the wrong side of not just American values, but history itself.”

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