Wednesday, March 15, 2017


   "Speaker Heastie and the Assembly Democratic Conference have passed a one-house budget proposal that uplifts our fellow New Yorkers, protects the interests of New York City, and recognizes the fact that New York State succeeds when New York City succeeds and vice versa. We applaud several actions taken by the Assembly in critical areas like education, housing and homelessness. Increasing school aid and putting us back on a path to meet the Campaign for Fiscal Equity, extending mayoral control for seven years, including $500 million for critical repairs at NYCHA, keeping 25,000 seniors in their homes through enactment of our proposed mansion tax, and offering creative solutions to address homelessness with the Home Stability Support proposal are just a few examples of how the one-house budget helps New York City.  I look forward to continuing discussions with our state partners as the budget process progresses to ensure these and other City priorities are included in the enacted State budget."


I can see now that this one house budget proposal supported by Mayor Bill de Blasio is doomed to fail. No not just because the mayor supports it while it has many very good items there are also bad ones. 
Does the mayor even know what the settlement of the CFE Lawsuit was, and just how much money not only New York City but other inner city school districts in the state were to receive as per the settlement?
The mayor has said it will take 'EIGHTEEN MILLION DOLLARS' to bring NYCHA houses up to par, but he applauds receiving only $500 Million Dollars in possible state aid which is sure to be cut by the State Senate and/or Governor.
The same goes for the Mansion Tax, and creative ways to address the HOMELESS PROBLEM in NYC. I can hear a message from a state senator upstate saying 'Why doesn't the mayor put the homeless in Gracie Mansion then'.
The best laugh of all has to be the assembly proposal to extend Mayoral Control of the public schools for seven years, when last year the state assembly proposed a three year extension and approved a one year extension of Mayoral Control. The best case scenario is for the State Senate and Governor to let Mayoral Control sunset, and come up with a real system of accountability for parents and taxpayers.

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