Saturday, June 17, 2017

Nice Job of Milling Manhattan College Parkway

  Yesterday I was one of the unfortunate drivers or other people who use Manhattan College Parkway from Broadway to any point towards the Henry Hudson Parkway. That is because a private contractor for the Department of Transportation closed all of Manhattan College Parkway to mill the street in one day. The only problem was that nobody knew about this as only a few signs were posted the day before, and not the required forty-eight hours notice. I am sure the residents of Fieldston who use Manhattan College Parkway to get into the semi secluded area of Fieldston were not to happy about the entire stretch of the street being closed. One Fieldston resident told me that signs went up late the day before, and that she could not use her driveway which was on the road because of the milling. Some photos are below, but I have to say that there were no broken curbs like that on Riverdale Avenue when another contractor ripped up the asphalt and broke much of the curbs between West 231st and West 239th Street in March of 2016. The merchants are still waiting for the curbs to be fixed, especially since a car went into a storefront at a section of broken curb. 

Above - what a driver saw at various intersections that were on Manhattan College Parkway, cones blocking off the street,
Below - The road next to Manhattan College, the crew must have missed placing asphalt around this sewer cover that sticks up.

Above - The milling crew had to be careful of gas mains, sewers, and underground electrical transformers such as above.
Below - You can see how asphalt is removed from a street.

Above - When it came to an intersection the milling crew had to place a temporary asphalt filling to make the drop from the street easier.
below - You can see a DOT supervisor on scene writing down what needs to be done by the contractor before he leaves the street that was milled.

Probably the only complaint could be the lack of notice to those who use Manhattan College Parkway, and the residents of the area. The new Bronx DOT Commissioner Nivardo Lopez appears to be doing a good job. It is expected that the street will be repaved in two weeks I was told by the DOT supervisor. That is down from the usual 4 - 6 weeks in the past.

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