Thursday, July 13, 2017

National Latino Officer’s Association Endorses Elvin Garcia for City Council

National Latino Officer’s Association Endorses Elvin Garcia for City Council

Garcia Campaign Continues to Build Community Ties

National Latino’s Officer’s Association today announced its enthusiastic endorsement of Elvin Garcia for City Council District 18.

“I am continually impressed with Elvin and his desire to work with those most strongly affected by policy in his community,” said Julio Diaz, President. “He understands, where many don’t, the importance of building up communities from the inside out, and making sure the officers have ties to the people they protect. He understands that if the police and the community work together, we are all stronger and safer.”

The National Latino Officers Association is a fraternal and advocacy organization representing both uniformed and civilian member employed by law enforcement agencies on all levels. Their mission is to create a coordinated network of support without limitations or boundaries. NLOA always strives to create affiliations in the wide array of law enforcement agencies and companies that will provide representation and services equivalent to those offered by NLOA.

“Elvin is a leader with new and original ideas, and a record of working hard and creating ties within the community,” said Diaz. “We are enthusiastically behind Elvin, and what he stands for. He is a breath of fresh air in the Bronx, and what District 18 needs to continue to move forward, and build a better more sustainable future.”

“Meeting with and getting to know many of the members of the National Latino Officers Association has been a great honor,” said Garcia. “In my time as Mayor de Blasio’s Bronx Director, I had the opportunity to work on public safety issues with community leaders and law enforcement at all levels. Our collaboration and engagement will continue building stronger bonds between local communities and law enforcement. I am honored to have the NLOA’s support and look forward to working with them to ensure communities have a platform to directly address their concerns.”

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