Friday, April 27, 2018

Cynthia Nixon Surpasses 10,000 Individual Donations

   In a showing of grassroots momentum, Cynthia Nixon has received over 10,000 individual donations since declaring her candidacy for governor just six weeks ago.

Of those donations, 98 percent are low-dollar donations below $200. By comparison, Andrew Cuomo collected a total of just 1,369 small dollar donations since the start of 2011. Over 800 individuals have also committed to making recurring donations to Cynthia’s people-powered campaign in the months leading up to the primary on September 13.

“The energy and enthusiasm we’re already seeing from Democrats across New York who are excited about our campaign is just another sign that New Yorkers know that we can do better than Andrew Cuomo,” said Cynthia Nixon. “With just  0.1 percent of his support coming from small donations from everyday New Yorkers, that tells you exactly the chance that Cuomo will care about your concerns: 0.1 percent. I want to return New York to a place where, not just corporate lobbyists, not just the wealthiest among us, but the regular New Yorkers have their everyday needs finally being addressed.”

As part of her campaign, Cynthia is not accepting any corporate donations. Cuomo, on the other hand, has built a $31 million war chest from real estate developers, Wall Street bankers, and fossil fuel executives.

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