Monday, April 30, 2018

Two Alarm Fire at 3900 Greystone Avenue

  As you see fire truck ladders on different sides of 3900 Greystone Avenue are checking the crawl space below the roof. This fire was localized to one top floor apartment which was devastated. The fire began in the kitchen area of the apartment according to the superintendent of the building. He said that he tried to put out the fire, but it was to much for him to extinguish. He then closed the front door on his way out of the apartment to call the fire department. Twenty fire trucks from as far away as Fordham Road responded to what became a two alarm blaze. Five ambulances were on hand also. The apartment was unoccupied at the time the fire started, and there will have to be a usual investigation by the arson squad to determine just how the fire started. more photos are below.

Above - The back of the building where the fire started suffered the most damage with part of the roof collapsing into the apartment. 
Below - The front of the building suffered less damage as only the front window in the bedroom is broken. 

Above - The DEP was called, probably to explain why the hydrant was leaking from the top. and was so low to the ground.
Below - You can see some of the emergency vehicles that were parked on Manhattan College Parkway and around the building on other streets.

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