Saturday, May 5, 2018


  There was no bull about it as the Cinco De Mayo celebration at 2069 Bruckner Blvd. had real bulls on hand to celebrate the event. There were games, food, entertainment, a mechanical, and even real bulls on hand. Hundreds of people celebrated Cinco de Mayo as they came dressed for the occasion with their cowboy or cowgirl attire on. Below are a few photos of the event. 

Above - There was even a play area set up for children with various plush riding horses, games and amusements. 
Below  Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr. joined his father Councilman Ruben Diaz Sr., as Councilman Diaz Sr. shows off the owner and the name of the store where he buys  his unique cowboy attire. The store has two locations, one in New Rochelle and the other in Yonkers. 

Above - The Diaz's are joined by the owner of the company that set up the mini rodeo.
Below - The Diaz's pose with a hat vendor who had a hat for the BP, but he did not want to cover his head like his father.

Above - The Diaz's posed for photos with many of the people who came such as the photo above.
Below - It was time to decide which Diaz was going to ride the mechanical bull.

Above - Councilman Diaz Sr. tries to get onto the mechanical bull, but is unable to (or was he not trying so his son would ride the bull).
Below - BP Diaz Jr. sits on top of the Mechanical bull as his father smiles that his plan worked.

Above - BP Diaz Jr. holds on tight with one hand as he waves the other.
Below - Still holding on tight, but waving his other hand the mechanical bull was no match for BP Diaz Jr. 

After a tough ride on the mechanical bull it was time to chow down for the Diaz's. 

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