Sunday, July 29, 2018

Salamanca Using Children as Pawns in 87th A.D. Race

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  Word has come from 87th A.D. State Committeewoman Barbara Brown that Councilman Rafael Salamanca will be withholding monies to State Committeewoman Brown for a back to school event where children get backpacks and school supplies. This is because Councilman Salamanca  does not want State Committeewoman Brown's running mate for the position of 87th A.D. assembly member Sergeant John Perez to be at that event. Councilman Salamanca is supporting one of the two women (a staffer of former Assemblyman Luis Sepulveda or a nurse) running against Sergeant John Perez. 

  Councilman Rafael Salamanca is using children as pawns in an effort to strongarm State Committeewoman Brown. 87th A.D. Candidate for assembly Sergeant John Perez wrote the following letter to Councilman Salamanca on the matter of using children for political gain.  

Dear Council member Salamanca,

  I cannot say that it is an honor nor a pleasure writing this letter however, my message to you will be clear and definite. I received a call from my State Committee Woman Ms. Barbara Brown, on July 27, 2018, shortly after she had reached out to you requesting funding to provide underprivileged children in the district with school supplies.

I was more disgusted by the response you gave to her saying that If you provide funding for school supplies “John Perez cannot be at the distribution event”. She did inform me of the entire conversation but, the statement quoted stands out the most. The fact that your decision to fund this community most vulnerable children is contingent upon her dis-association with me displays poor moral judgement and the absence of leadership and integrity.

I, affirm my commitment to this community and I, will personally fund this event under the Roslyn Johnson Democratic Club Banner. I have discussed this with Ms. Barbara Brown and several members of this community to include church leaders and business owner in the immediate area, and it has been agreed.

Your decision is purely selfish, political in nature and not in the best interest of this community.

-John Perez-
Candidate for Assembly, 87th A.D.

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  1. Is Salamanca invited to your event? or is it the same basic story ?