Thursday, August 2, 2018

Primary Update: The Court Phase

  The lawyers talk. That was Wednesday, and Thursday was another story. 

Because I was a witness to some of the fraud on the Karines Reyes petition County lawyer Stanley Schlein wanted me excluded from the opening statements before the court appointed referee. That was a good thing because there was enough fireworks inside the closed room as a court officer had to rush to the table where I was excluded. I was told that lawyer Stanley Schlein was trying to tell the court appointed referee how to do her job to the objections by the lawyer for Sergeant John Perez.  

 Things finally got under way after the court appointed crew returned from lunch for a page by page review of the three petitions for 87th A.D. candidate Karines Reyes. First was petition BX1800334 where County Political Director was inching me out of the way as I explained what each and every abbreviation stood for. It was felt by 87th Assembly candidate Sergeant John Perez that since there were no Board of Elections listings for certain alleged items that would knock off signatures and pages of signatures that a separate sheet with the abbreviations and the corresponding wording one would have to be made up. The County Political Director seemed puzzled at some of the abbreviations and had to check the sheet, and it got to one point where he began to argue with me that had to be cut off by the court appointed referee when I asked her. 

 More than half the first petition was gone over with the court appointed referee making many notes before the process was adjourned for the day. 

 To be continued tomorrow.

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