Sunday, January 27, 2019

First Casualty of the Public Advocate Race - Count Down to 22 Candidates Now

Dear Friends, Supporters, and Comrades, 

I’ve felt so blessed to have your support so far and we need it even more now. Last Friday, our team was alerted that our election attorney did not file the necessary Certificate of Acceptance form to the Board of Elections. This means that even though we have submitted the form in question upon this revelation, my name is unlikely to be on the ballot for the February 26th special election without intervention from the Commissioners of the Board of Elections.

What we did win: The Board of Elections approved the name of our party, “Bring A Chair,” recognized as a tribute to the first African-American Congresswoman and Brooklyn’s own Shirley Chisholm.

In the spirit of #BringAChair, we are continuing to explore every avenue and on January 29th, I will appear before the Commissioners to plead my case and fight for the 5,000+ New Yorkers who petitioned to have me as their nominee.

Regardless of their decision, this is not the end. I am not out of public life, and I will forever be an advocate.

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