Friday, April 26, 2019

Miracle City Center Presents its Plans to CB 10

Tuesday's Community Board 10 Health Committee brought out a crowd for the presentation by Miracle Mile City Center at 2800 Bruckner Boulevard. The Health and Human Services Committee is chaired by Ms. Nancy Rosario. 

 Chief Compliance Officer Andrea L. Carson gave a vague presentation of what Miracle City was currently doing in the CB 10 community. She said that it is a home based at the moment, but that an 822 application has been submitted to the state to be able to give counseling to people on site at 2800 Bruckner Boulevard. Sessions could be thirty, forty-five, or sixty minutes long depending on the subject and severity of problem. She added that the counseling could be on alcoholism, drug problems, gambling, smoking, opioid, or other addictions. She stressed that there would be no drugs stored on site. 

  Board members first asked questions which were answered that the program is needed in the community and the Bronx. A security guard would be on site, and that Miracle City would only occupy half of the second floor having no more than eighty people including staff in the building. The hours would be 9 AM to 6 or 7 PM, six days a week. The official start date was not known yet as the application still has to be submitted to the state. 

Questions from the public included the need for a facility like this in Throggs Neck, if the facility would dispense any drugs, security to the nearby schools and homes, how are the owners of the building involved. 

Miracle City CCP Corson replied by saying the facility is needed in the community board 10 area of Throggs Neck, Coop-City, as well as the entire Bronx. She repeated that no drugs would be given out. That there would be no security problems with their security on site. Mark Bassori and James Pecletta two of the owners of 2800 Bruckner Boulevard were in attendance and said yes they were involved in Miracle City.

John Collazzi representing Assemblyman Michael Benedetto was very concerned about the TOTS school for special needs children that has an open school yard one block away from 2800 Bruckner Boulevard. He said that Assemblyman Benedetto has three concerns that need to be satisfied.
1 - That Community Board 10 is satisfied with the program.
2 - That the Community Advisory Board is satisfied with the program.
3 - That the Community is satisfied with the program.
From the impression of the public hearing at least the firs two of the three items have been met. It will have to be seen if item three will be met.

It was a long evening for Andrea Corson, but Miracle City by meeting with Community Board 10 during a public hearing of the Health and Human Services Committee has met its requirement to meet with the community.

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    They had their Public Meeting and can go further with their they have to come back to the CB during the process?