Thursday, October 31, 2019


The Third Avenue Business Improvement District echos the message of disappointment from our small business colleagues on the New York City Council's passage of Intro. 1574 on small business commercial carting and trash removal. The City Council has ignored the concerns of small business owners by hastily passing a commercial waste zone plan that limits competition and restricts consumer choice with the intention  to harm the small businesses that drive New York City's economy.  This plan puts politics above constituents.  

This policy has failed when implemented elsewhere, and it is especially disheartening and shortsighted to see it implemented  in New York City when evidenced based alternatives are available. The Council should work with experts, community stakeholders, and businesses alike to strike a reasonable balance and achieve a smart, workable solution, not rush through a poorly-thought-out policy like this.  This policy was crafted by special interest and will lead to more garbage on our streets, shutter our largely immigrant owned businesses, and join a slew of other City policies that are passed on the backs of mom and pop shops.

"Our small business community has organized for over 2 years around what we thought was a fair bill that balanced small business choice with important safeguards that protect employee and public safety, and the environment" said Michael Brady, Executive Director of the Third Avenue BID, Southern Boulevard BID, and Bruckner Boulevard Commercial Corridor, "A balance that would not price gouge or price fix a major service industry in New York City or add new costs to have garbage removed.  It seems now that the New York City Council was swayed by special interest and forgot about the work we had been doing together for over two years.  This is very unfortunate and will have severe repercussions."

The business improvement districts will continue to work with local businesses to mitigate the damage of this legislation and will hold accountable those members of the Council that voted against their constituents. 

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