Thursday, June 18, 2020

Governor Cuomo Issues Executive Order Strengthening State Enforcement During Phased Reopening to Protect New Yorkers and Ensure Business Compliance

Violations Of Reopening Rules And Guidelines Could Result In Immediate Loss Of Liquor License And Shut Down Order For Businesses

Also Issues Executive Order to Expand the Enforcement Areas of State Liquor Authority by Giving Bars Responsibility of Area Immediately Outside their Locations

Final Decision on New York City Entering Phase Two Monday Expected to Come Tomorrow

State to Issue Guidance to Colleges and Universities to Allow Some In Person Instruction and On-Campus Housing for the Fall Semester

Less Than One Percent of Yesterday's COVID-19 Tests were Positive

Confirms 618 Additional Coronavirus Cases in New York State - Bringing Statewide Total to 385,760; New Cases in 37 Counties

Governor Cuomo: "The issue going to phase two or phase three is compliance by people and enforcement by local government. That is the issue. So, how is this going to work? It depends on how people act, which is how this has always been determined. And people, especially New York City, Long Island, compliance matters. It matters. And it's not just moral and ethical, communal, it's legal. These are the laws also. So, be aware of the law, follow the law.

Cuomo: "We're going to take an added step where I'm going to increase the state's enforcement capacity by executive order - Where violations of the rules and the regulations could allow State Liquor Authority to do an immediate suspension of an alcohol license, which means a bar or a restaurant that are violating the rules could have an immediate suspension of their license. Business that is violating the rules could have an immediate shutdown order."

Cuomo: "This was a degree of difficulty and a challenge for government dealing with this coronavirus, a challenge for society unlike anything we have seen in my lifetime - and my lifetime is pretty long. I can tell the people of the state this, they could not have had a more talented, smarter, more professional team working for them than the team that works in state government. I have worked with a lot of government pros, but no team holds a candle to what this team did."

Governor Andrew M. Cuomo today announced he will issue an Executive Order strengthening state enforcement during the phased reopening to protect New Yorkers and ensure business compliance. Businesses that violate the reopening rules and guidelines are subject to immediate loss of their liquor license and a shutdown order. The Governor also announced he will issue an Executive Order to expand the enforcement areas of the State Liquor Authority by giving bars responsibility for the area immediately outside their locations.

The Governor also announced the State will issue guidance to colleges and universities to allow some in person instruction and on-campus housing and for the fall semester. Campuses must develop a plan, which attests to meeting the guidance and file plans with the State.

The Governor also announced a final decision on New York City entering Phase Two this Monday is expected to come tomorrow following a review of data by global experts. Business guidance for Phase Two of the state's reopening plan is available here.


There has been no posting of any executive order on this matter as of 7 PM New York time.

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