Friday, July 30, 2010

Elections Update

   Having been at the New York City Board of Elections headquarters where the hearings on the specifications filed against candidates running are being heard the past two days, this will continue on Tuesday August 3rd as all hearings were not finished today as scheduled.
  Today Board of Elections commissioners ruled that a few of the candidates being challenged are to remain on the ballot, and of note today Board commissioners ruled 80th Assembly candidate Robert Guiffree on the ballot, however candidate Guifree still faces a court challenge to be heard on Tuesday afternoon. Mr. Guifree was angered by what he called trying to tie him up at the Board of Elections and in court. Guifree added "that the voters of the 80th Assembly District will know about this".
   On another note former Queens State Senator Hiram Monserrate's petition for Assembly was ruled valid by the Board of Elections commissioners after being challenged. Mr. Frank Bolz attorney for the challenger of the Monserrate petition said aloud that "the petition was safe for now, but won't be after the hearing in court next week".

Senator and Weill Cornell Community Clinic to Provide Free Screenings for Bronx Residents

   State Senator and Deputy Majority Leader Jeff Klein (D-Bronx/Westchester) and Weill Cornell Community Clinic will provide free heart health screenings to Bronx Residents on Saturday, July 30th at the Throggs Neck Community Center at Throggs Neck Houses.  At the event, which will run from 8:30AM-12:0PM, community members can have their blood pressure and cholesterol tested, and be screened for diabetes. Physicians will be on hand to provide referrals and recommendations based on individuals’ screenings, and to answer any questions. 
  The screenings will be on Saturday, July 31st starting at 9:30AM at the Throggs Neck Community Center 550 Balcom Ave, Bronx.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Update on 33rd State Senate Race

  Fernando Tirado was declared off the ballot for the 33rd State Senate today by the Board of Elections. The Board of Elections ruled that the challenge by Mr. Steve Balicer had placed Mr. Tirado's petition at 736 valid signatures when 1000 valid signatures were needed to be a candidate for state senate. It is not known at this time what Mr. Tirado is going to do, that being to try to validate his petition through the courts or wind up endorsing one of the other candidates in the 33rd State Senate race. 
   In other 33rd Senate District news, we received this from the Pedro Espada camp.
"Everyone seeking to be placed on the September Democratic primary ballot has a lawful obligation to submit valid petition signatures to the Board of Elections. Upon line-by-line scrutiny and review of Mr. Gustavo Rivera’s petitions, we have found considerable evidence that the petition signatures Mr. Rivera filed with the Board of Elections are invalid.   We respectfully believe these petitions do not meet the legal requirements” said Daniel Pagano, the election law attorney for State Senate Majority Leader Pedro Espada, Jr. who is challenging Rivera’s petitions.
“Our challenge to his petitions is good government at work. If Mr. Rivera’s petition signatures can’t stand up to scrutiny and meet election law standards, then they are invalid, and he deserves to be removed from the ballot because he is not a valid candidate, ”  Pagano said.  

City Council Majority Supports Fair Wages for New Yorkers Act

   Momentum Grows for Living Wages in Publicly Subsidized Development
   The Living Wage NYC Campaign announced today that a majority of New York City Council members have now signed on in support of the Fair Wages for New Yorkers Act (Intro 251) requiring developers who receive major taxpayer-funded subsidies to pay at least a living wage for the permanent jobs they create.
   "Reaching this majority shows that when City Council Members are faced with a clear choice about what type of economic development our tax dollars should support, one that keeps people in poverty or one that provides a path to the middle class and supports our communities, they will make the right choice. The majority has decided that public subsidies must be used to create permanent living wage jobs," said Rev. Sekou,  a member of the Living Wage NYC Coalition from the Micah Institute.
   Every year New York City spends billions of taxpayer dollars to subsidize development and create jobs. Too often the permanent jobs created with these public subsidies pay poverty wages with no benefits -- whether it's retail and stockroom jobs at shopping centers, mailroom jobs in office buildings, or food service jobs at stadiums.
   Under the bill, the living wage will start at $10.00 per hour - the same as under New York City's existing living wage law. Employees who are not covered by an employer-provided health plan will receive an additional $1.50 per hour wage supplement to help them purchase their own health insurance.  Both the living wage and the health benefits supplement will be adjusted each year to keep pace with the rising cost of living.
   Reaching the 26-vote threshold needed to pass the Fair Wages for New Yorkers Act adds to the momentum for a citywide policy to guarantee fair wages on subsidized development projects. The Fair Wages for New Yorkers Act will lay out clear expectations for developers and help speed economic growth that  will create jobs that benefit all New Yorkers.
   More than 15 cities have enacted such legislation and they have found that these policies create quality jobs for local residents without slowing growth. New York City is behind the times on this issue and, as a result, our publicly subsidized developments are keeping people in poverty-wage jobs, rather than providing them with opportunities to get ahead.     

Will The New York Budget Ever Be Finalized?

   In what is being called A Charade by Senate GOP leader Dean Skelos, it took only 15 minutes for the latest Special Session of the New York State Senate to end. “We are now almost in August and the Senate Democrats refuse to complete the budget process,” said Skelos said. "A total failure of leadership. At some point, vote yes, vote no and lets get this done.”
   Nine senators were not present when the Senate was conducting business - five Democrats and four Republicans. The Democrats were Malcolm Smith, George Onerato, Joseph Addabbo, Thomas Duane, and Bill Perkins. Perkins arrived after the session ended, saying that he was running a little late.
   The Assembly fared much better with 78 of the 107 Democrats and 114 members showing up out of a total of 151 members of the assembly.
  Governor David Paterson has called another Special Session of the legislature for today, and has vowed to call special sessions every day until the budget is final.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

New Restaurant Guide for Riverdale-Kingsbridge-Van Cortlandt Area

   Jasper's Pizza Italian Cuisine (as it is listed) was the site for the release of the new restaurant guide of the Riverdale, Kingsbridge, and Van Cortlandt area. Funded by Councilman G. Oliver Koppell, and compiled by the Kingsbridge-Riverdale-Van Cortlandt Development Corporation the new guide lists about 100 local area restaurants in alphabetical order with locations listed below the name of the restaurant. While a first draft of only 200 were printed, there will be updated guides published as more information about the listings come in.
   Jasper's provided samples of some of its fine Italian Cuisine for those who came to the announcement
   For more information contact KRVCDC at 718-543-7100, or go online to 

Pictured are Councilman G. Oliver Koppell and Ms. Tracy Shelton of KRVCDC holding up the restaurant guide.

Espada Safe For Now

   The Daily News reports that Bronx Democratic County Committee Chairman Jeffrey Dinowitz will not move to expel embattled New York State Senate Majority Leader Pedro Espada Jr. from the Democratic party, at least until the September Democratic primary.
   Dinowitz is quoted as saying that there is no pressing reason to do this now, but the News said that does not mean that the issue could resurface after the primary.
   Espada's response to the Daily news was "I can give two hoots about how Dinowitz feels because the fact of the matter is [trying to boot me] is un-American,"

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Will Congressman Rangel Get off With a Wrist Slapping?

    Earlier today Congressman Charlie Rangel met with Democratic Party leaders in an effort to make a last minute deal, and avoid Thursday's public airing of his alleged wrongdoings. Democratic Party insiders want Rangel to make a deal as not to be the poster boy for the Republican Party come this November election.
   A deal where Rangel will get what amounts to a slap on the wrist could be in the making, but that deal could fall apart if the Republicans have anything to do about it. 
   Unless Rangel and the Dem leadership can work out an agreement, the Ethics committee will read out the lengthy list of charges against Rangel on Thursday. Rangels congressional trial could start on September 13th,  the day before the New York State Democratic Primary.


   Comptroller Liu's Audit Had Uncovered Revenues Payable to City Treasury.
    New York City Comptroller John C. Liu announced that the City will now recapture $120 million from the New York City Economic Development Corporation (EDC).  The funds represent revenues collected by the EDC on behalf of the City from the 42nd Street Project (aka Times Square redevelopment).  The EDC has in past years inappropriately retained the money instead of passing it through to the City treasury, as revealed in an audit of the EDC completed by Comptroller Liu in April.
   The $120 million of new revenue was first identified in the Fiscal Year 2011 Adopted Budget ( , page 28). The revenue will be collected over four years beginning with $20 million this year and increasing to $40 million in Fiscal Year 2014. Its is expected that the annual revenue would continue indefinitely and at an increasing rate beyond 2014.
   Comptroller Liu stated, “This is good news for the people in a time of continuing economic uncertainty.  It's $120 million that can be put to good use in schools, hospitals, day cares, and senior centers.  Times are still tough and we just cannot afford to allow the EDC or any entity to keep hoarding so much money that belongs to the City's taxpayers.”

Monday, July 26, 2010


   On Sunday, July 25, Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr joined by hundreds of Bronxites celebrated the 21st  Anniversary of the Grand Dominican Parade in The Bronx, one of the largest parades in New York City.  
   More than 50 floats and over 2,000 marchers, including folkloric groups, marching bands, artists, elected officials and a variety of groups representing the Dominican culture and traditions, were part of this year’s parade
   “This parade is a great opportunity to recognize our growing Dominican-American population and their contributions to The Bronx and the entire city,” said Bronx Diaz Jr, one of the grand marshals. “They are a vibrant community that makes our economy stronger and with their traditions, Dominicans also add a lot of flavor to our borough”.
      Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr. cuts the ribbon to start the parade.

Left- Congressman Jose Serrano and future 79th Assemblyman Eric Stevenson.
Right- New York State Senate Majority leader Pedro Espada with his wife Connie lead the senators rather large group of supporters.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Where are the Voices of Reform and Accountability Now?

   Senator Reverend Ruben Diaz (D-Bronx) released the following statement regarding the upcoming investigation of New York Congressman Charles Rangel.
   "We know from published reports that a House Committee offered a deal but Congressman Rangel refused to admit any wrongdoing. The only news coverage so far has been about Rangel saying more or less: "Bring it on, I am ready" - which is his right. Meanwhile, the New York Democratic Party and its Executive Director Charlie King remain silent. Where are the voices of reform and accountability now?"
   "When the details of the House Ethics Report and charges against Congressman Rangel are released next week, can we expect that Charlie King, and New York State Attorney General Andrew Cuomo will decry this betrayal of the public trust and ask that Congressman Rangel be removed from the Democratic Party as they did for Senator Pedro Espada? Or can we expect that these crusaders for justice will insist that judgment be withheld until all the facts are in and a final determination made by the US House of Representatives before they revisit the issue of Rangel's fitness to be considered a Democrat. Maybe Senator Pedro Espada should expect the same kind of temperance and reserve before Democratic leaders like Andrew Cuomo or Charlie King rush to judgment and try to deprive Senator Espada of membership in the Democratic Party."

Friday, July 23, 2010

CDEC 10 Holds July Meeting-No Parents Attend

   The replacement for school boards Community District Education Councils that were to have increased parent involvement have done the exact opposite. School Board 10 in the Northwest Bronx would draw hundreds of parents and School District 10 personnel to a school board meeting. Community District Education Council 10 the replacement for School Board 10 held its July meeting last night, and in the audience was not even one School District 10 parent throughout the entire meeting. School District 10 has over 45,000 students not counting high school students. There were two children of one council member, two translators for the one non-english speaking council member (who alternated every 30 minutes), one staff member from a district 10 high school, and myself in the audience. The CDEC meeting started at 6pm and ended at 7:25PM, and the reason the meeting took so long was that the DOE template of by-laws for the Education Councils were read aloud (all 7pages) with blanks left to be filled in at each District Council and be voted on to comply with the revised education law.
   Even District 10 Superintendent Ms. Sonia Menendez was not present, and the CDEC president marked her absent without notice. It must also be said that there are two parent vacancies on District 10 CDEC that have not been filled for several months, because no district parent is interested in serving on CDEC 10.
   This was an important meeting as there were elections of officers for the council, and passage of the council budget, which amounts to $20,000.00 per council. When you factor in the costs of having to open school buildings, translation, security, and other monies it takes to run CDEC's, one has to wonder how many millions of dollars are not going into the classroom citywide
   Years ago when School Leadership Teams had budgets of thousands of dollars, I personally told Chancellor Joel Klein to do away with them to put more money into the classroom. Chancellor Klein told me "SLT's are state mandated, and if we don't pay the staff to attend they won't". Chancellor Klein later cut the SLT budgets to only the stipends for the members. I would tell Chancellor Klein to cut out CDEC's as parent involvement is now at ZERO, but he will say again that CDEC's are state mandated. I must add that on the SLT's the principal has the final say as to what to do at the school, because the principal can be held accountable, and I was told that we can't fire the parents. Chancellor Klein has the final say as to CDEC's, as he can remove or keep off anyone he wants.
   My question to the state legislature is then why are you mandating things that take away money from the classroom, and why did you renew mayoral control when you knew it was wrong? The changes you instituted only have made things worse.

Could Charlie Rangel Be in Big Trouble?

   It is being reported that the congressional trial of Manhattan Congressman Charlie Rangel could start as soon as the day before the Democratic Primary in September. Rangel could face a host of charges including  misuse of his office, questions of his four rent stabilized apartments and the use of one as a campaign headquarters in the past, also there are questions of possible under reporting of income. Rangel could face being expelled from congress if found guilty, the last person to be expelled was former Congressman James Traficant in 2002.
   Comments from Congressman Rangel were that he was glad that he would get a chance to publicly rebut charges first made in 2008. Rangel gave up being chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee in March of this year, and has spent nearly 2 million dollars to clear himself.
   Manhattan Democratic County Leader Assemblyman Keith Wright is standing by Rangel, while others say he is out of touch with the district he represents. This year Rangel faces a tough challenge by Assemblyman Adam Clayton Powell IV, and could also face a tough November election if he defeats Powell in the Democratic Primary.

Thursday, July 22, 2010


   Residents of the Fort Schuyler Houses senior center no longer have to deal with an eyesore, thanks to State Senator Jeff Klein. During a visit to the center on Monday, July 12th, Klein heard repeatedly from residents that an abandoned lot across from the center was being used as an illegal dumping zone. Garbage had been piling up continually and large objects like furniture were also being left at the site during the past several months.
   Immediately following the visit, Klein’s office reached out to the NYC Department of Transportation to see whether they could clean up the site. Within days of Klein's visit to the center, the Transportation Department had fully cleared the site of all trash and debris, to the delight of Fort Schuyler residents.
   “Whether it is litter or graffiti, we will not tolerate the tarnishing of our neighborhoods. I’m very pleased that we were able to resolve this matter so quickly and improve the quality of life for Fort Schuyler residents,” said State Senator and Deputy Majority Leader Jeffrey D. Klein (D-Bronx/Westchester).
   “We’ve had this problem going on a long time. People even throw out furniture there, and they never clean it up. Senator Klein came that one day and then it was done, God bless him. I told everyone it was cleaned up because of Senator Klein,” said Ann Marie Abruzzi of the Fort Schuyler Houses Senior Center.  


   Following the deaths of David Luccioni and Crystal Reyes, two teenagers who drowned in an off-limits area of the Bronx River on Sunday, Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr. is urging Bronx families to use caution this summer and swim in pools and beaches operated by the New York City Department of Parks & Recreation.
   “Everyone wants to cool off in the heat, but the tragic deaths of David and Crystal should remind us that we have to be safe. The Bronx River is beautiful, but it is a natural area with uncertain depths and no lifeguards on duty, making it too dangerous for swimming. We are fortunate to have numerous options for safe swimming in the Bronx, most of which are free, and I encourage Bronxites to take advantage of them,” said Borough President Diaz.
   Borough President Diaz’s office is making available a list of beaches and pools that offer safer swimming options in the Bronx, a copy of which is attached. Information on water safety and other summer swimming programs can be found at the Parks Department’s website,

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Ben Franklin Club Endorses in 33rd State Senate District

   Last night members of the Ben Franklin Democratic Club held an endorsement meeting for the 33rd State Senate District that was put off from the previous endorsement meeting in late May. Three of the four candidates were present, and gave short presentations as to why the Ben Franklin Club members should cast a ballot for them over the other candidates. Incumbent 33rd State Senator Pedro Espada Jr. was a no show, and Councilman G. Oliver Koppell was adamant in saying that Pedro Espada Jr. must be defeated in this years  election.
   Candidate Dan Padernacht was up first, and said that he was a product of the local schools, he is a lawyer, is a member of Community Board #8 where he now chairs the Traffic and Transportation Committee. When asked he said that he gave in 4,672 signatures and has raised $20,000.00 so far with none of it coming from any unions, and had the endorsement of his mother.
   Candidate Gustave Rivera was second, saying that the 33rd district is ill served by the current senator, Pedro Espada Jr.  Rivera said that jobs, economic development, rent stabilized apartments (of which he said he lives in one), and health care are his priorities, and that he would have voted for increasing the cap on charter schools. Mr. Rivera said that he handed in 6,200 signatures, and has raised $63,000.00. He rattled off several supporters, but when asked about a former employer State Senator Andrea Cousins Mr. Rivera said that he would not expect her to endorse against a fellow sitting State Senator. 
   Candidate Fernando Tirado was third and last to speak. Tirado said that he was asked by the community to run, has a grass roots organization, is a man of integrity that looks at the needs of the people, and that he belives in democracy.
   There was a fifth option open to the Ben Franklin Club members, that being to check off the No Endorsement line on the ballot. 
When  the  53 voting  members  present  cast  their  ballots  the  results  were- Pedro Espada-0, Dan Padernacht-8, Gustave Rivera-43, Fernando Tirado-0, and No Endorsement-2.
   While this was a club endorsement, it must be noted that over 90 percent of the 53 members who voted do not reside in the 33rd State Senate District. 
   Also on hand was Bill Samuels of the New Roosevelt Initiative (which has endorsed candidate Gustave Rivera) who said that "If we don't beat Pedro Espada it will send a bad message to the voters". Samuels added that the three items on the NRI agenda is 1- to build the best state party, 2- to have the best legislature, 3- to have the best state constitution, all while saying that the Cuomo agenda is right on the target. 
  It looks like Mr. Gustavo Rivera will be standing side by side with Andrew Cuomo in the campaign to oust Pedro Espada from the 33rd State Senate seat, and maybe the Democratic Party?

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


   “Today’s statements from both State Education Commissioner David Steiner and Daniel Koretz, a testing expert and professor at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, all point to the reality that previous data used by the City’s Department of Education showing record improvement in our public schools is, in many cases, unreliable. While the City will point to these rising test scores as evidence that the system is working, the results of the National Assessment of Education Progress indicate that achievement in our schools is stagnant at best, and that our State scores are skewed too high".
   “Today’s findings show that the State’s assessment test, as it is currently constituted, is a poor measure of the achievement of our students. This is a very important first step in truly realizing where our students really are academically, and how we can best prepare them to compete in today’s global economy".
   “Also, as we raise the standards for our students let us as at the same time raise the level of support as well.  As standards are raised more students will need additional academic interventions, and we must as a State and City provide those resources to our schools and students.  Raising standards is not in itself the sole answer, we must also give our schools the needed resources, options and supports to give our students the world class education that they deserve,” said Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr"

Dinowitz Sets up Meeting to Talk Padernacht Into Dropping out

    Our friend Bob Kappstatter (of the Daily News) reports today in his column that Riverdale Assemblyman Jeffrey Dinowitz set up a meeting between 33rd State Senate candidate Dan Padernacht, State Democratic Committee Executive Director Charlie King, 1199SEIU Political Director Kevin Finnegan, and Public Advocate Bill DeBlassio to try to talk Padernacht into dropping out of the 33rd State Senate race to rally behind candidate Gustavo Rivera.
   I asked 33rd State Senate candidate Dan Padernacht about the meeting, and he said that he was not dropping out of the senate race, and that there were three different challenges to his petition. Fernando Tirado the fourth candidate that is in the 33rd State Senate race has had his petitions challenged also. 
   The appearance of heavy handed tactics to have other candidates drop out can come back to haunt candidate Gustavo Rivera, who has put out a campaign literature suggesting that since 60 percent of the 33rd State Senate district has an assembly member named Rivera (Jose in the 78th A.D., and Naomi in the 80th A.D.) so the voters should also vote for him since his name is Rivera. There is speculation that Gustavo Rivera is connected to a Bronx blogger that reported a story on the fifth candidate so damaging that the candidate  not submit petitions
   By the way Assemblyman Jeffrey Dinowitz is also the Bronx Democratic County Committee Chairman, who has been asked by the State Democratic Committee to expel current 33rd State Senator Pedro Espada Jr.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Committee of 100 Democrats Free Comunity Barbecue was a big success

   Hundreds of people came from throughout the borough of the Bronx, but most were from the 33rd State Senate District. The Committee of 100 Democrats honored State Senate Deputy Majority Leader Jeff Klein and Assemblyman Jose Rivera, both long time friends of the Committee of 100 Democrats and very hard workers for their constituents and the people of the Bronx. 
   State Senator Pedro Espada Jr. (33rd district)  scheduled to appear missed an opportunity to mingle with the many voters of the 33rd State Senate District, but all three opponents (as of now) Mr. Dan Padernacht, Mr. Gustavo Rivera, and Mr. Fernando Tirado were on hand to meet and greet those voters of the 33rd district that were enjoying the festivities.
   As usual at a Committee of 100 Democrats barbecue there were Brazilian Dancers, several different live musical bands, lots of free food, and a good time for all.
Senator Jeff Klein and Assemblyman Jose Rivera practice their musical skills with the one of the musical groups that performed at The Committee of 100 Democrats Free Community Barbecue Saturday July 17th.

Bronx Borough President, Ruben Diaz Jr. and the Woodlawn Cemetery Introduce English and Spanish Audio Tours of the Historic Cemetery on Seventh Anniversary of Death of Queen of Salsa Celia Cruz

Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr. and The Friends of The Woodlawn Cemetery introduced English and Spanish audio tours of the historic Woodlawn Cemetery, so that visitors can enjoy self guided tours of the historic 147 year old Bronx cemetery.  The audio tour was unveiled as part of a commemoration of the seventh anniversary of the passing of "La Guarachera de Cuba” the “Queen of Salsa”, Cuban Born salsa singer, Celia Cruz who recorded twenty-three gold albums.
“Woodlawn Cemetery is one of our most important cultural institutions and is a rich source of information on people who helped shape our city and country,” said Borough President Diaz.  “This audio tour will make it more inviting and manageable for tourists, as well as locals, to fully appreciate the historical treasure it represents.” 
The audio tour which will cost five dollars will also highlight the architectural works of acclaimed architects Charles McKim, William Rutherford Mead, Stanford White, John Merven Carrère, Thomas Hastings and John Russell Pope who designed some of Woodlawn’s 1700  significant monuments and mausoleums. The Woodlawn Cemetery features 400 acres of rolling hills, spectacular trees and shrubbery, mausoleums and memorials of historic and artistic significance and a natural fauna/flora sanctuary.  
 Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr. showing the map and the device visitors will receive to enjoy the Woodlawn Cemetery tour.  

Friday, July 16, 2010

Hector Ramirez Fund Raiser

   Last night Hector Ramirez currently Male District Leader from the 86th Assembly District held another very successful fund raiser for his bid to win the 86th assembly seat away from incumbent Nelson Castro.
   The support for the Ramirez campaign goes from grass roots all the way to the Bronx Borough President. Bronx BP Ruben Diaz Jr. was "in the house", and presented candidate (and friend) Hector Ramirez not only his support, but also a check for one thousand dollars saying "I am with you Hector one thousand percent".
   Other elected officials on hand were City Councilman Fernando Cabrera and Assemblywoman Vanessa Gibson. Candidate Ramirez has the endorsement of the Bronx Democratic County Organization, Congressman Jose Serrano, Assemblyman Jeffrey Dinowitz, State Senators Ruben Diaz Sr. and Jose M. Serrano, Councilwoman Annabel Palma, and the Working Families Party as of now with more to come..

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Bronx County Dinner Huge Success

   Bronx Democratic County Committee Chairman Assemblyman Jeffrey Dinowitz estimates the crowd at the Bronx County Dinner to be close to one thousand people, in what is now being called the largest and strongest show of support for any Bronx County organization. 
   Every Bronx elected official (minus one or two for one reason or another) were in attendance as this was a dinner of unity. The program went well with the with the combination of honorees and short speeches by elected officials. Bronx County Democratic Leader Assemblyman Carl E. Heastie and his assorted district leaders moved the pace of the evening smoothly and quickly.
   Among those in attendance were New York State Governor David Paterson, Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver, Senate Conference Leader John Sampson, State Comptroller Tom Di Napoli, City Comptroller John Liu, former City Comptroller Bill Thompson, Public Advocate Bill deBlasio, Council Speaker Quinn, as well as current and former elected officials and county leaders from other boroughs to support the Bronx County organization.
   Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer told me that he will soon be gearing up for what could be a very crowded field of candidates in the 2013 mayors race, as did mayoral candidate (2009) Bill Thompson. Former Queens Councilwoman and Comptroller candidate in 2009 Melinda Katz said that she is working on other campaigns this year, and would not rule out a run for her old council seat or other position in 2013. We would like to see Ms. Katz run for Queens Borough President in 2013, a position that would fit her talents best.
   Even with the three state legislative leaders in the house there is still no final state budget, and I asked Governor Paterson what the consequences to local governments could be. The governor said that the state has enough money on hand for day to day operations for only about a month, that the legislature ignored his three budget proposals, and that he would have to call a special session in about a week or two to complete the budget process one way or another.
   The exact amount of money that was raised won't be known for a while, but by the crowd of support we saw this was a record breaker.
 Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr., Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver, and City Comptroller John Liu.
Is Governor Paterson trying to win over Senator Ruth Hassel-Thompson for his budget plan?

Bronx Borough President, Ruben Diaz, Jr. To Introduce English and Spanish Audio Tours of Historic Woodlawn Cemetery in Honor of Seventh Anniversary of Death of the Queen of Salsa Celia Cruz

Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz, Jr. and The Friends of The Woodlawn Cemetery will introduce English and Spanish audio tours of the historic Woodlawn Cemetery located at Webster Avenue & E. 233rd Street in the Bronx, at 10am on Friday July 16th  At the Woodlawn Cemetery located at Webster Avenue & E. 233rd Street in the Bronx.
The project is made possible through a grant from the NYC & Company Foundation to the Friends of Woodlawn Cemetery which was supported by Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr.  The project was arranged for by The Bronx Tourism Council which helped to produce it.  The Council is a program of the Bronx Overall Economic Development Corporation (BOEDC). 

Established in 1863, the cemetery’s cultural significance is represented in the famous names that grace its monuments and mausoleums: Herman Melville, FW Woolworth, JC Penny, Jay Gould, Ralph Bunche, Fiorello LaGuardia, Robert Moses, Irving Berlin, George M. Cohan, Duke Ellington, RH Macy, Miles Davis, Bat Masterson and Joseph Pulitzer.

The audio tour will also highlight the architectural works of acclaimed architects Charles McKim, William Rutherford Mead, Stanford White, Daniel Chester French and John Russell Pope who designed some of Woodlawn’s 1500 significant monuments and mausoleums. The Woodlawn Cemetery features over 400 acres of rolling hills, spectacular trees and shrubbery, monumental mausoleums and memorials and a natural fauna/flora sanctuary. 

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Hunter calls it quits in 33rd Senate Race

It has been announced that Ms. Desiree Pilgram-Hunter who of late had been the target of criticism by the BoogieDowner Blog has called off her campaign for the 33rd State Senate. While there were reports of lack of dollars, sources said that Ms. Hunter had only raised $30,000.00 we think that it was not getting the endorsement of the New Roosevelt Initiative (and the $250,000.00 bounty that went along with the endorsement) that could have played a major role in Ms. Hunters decision. 
Ms Hunter was the first to announce as a candidate for the 33rd State Senate District against the incumbent Pedro Espada Jr. Three other candidates announced their candidacies after Ms. Hunter. Mr. Dan Padernacht, Mr. Gustavo Rivera, and Mr. Fernando Tirado. Mr. Gustavo Rivera had gotten the endorsement of the NRI only a few days ago, and it was reported that the NRI would be asking the other candidates in the 33rd State Senate race to drop out and support Mr. Rivera "For the good of defeating Mr. Espada". In our column 100 PERCENT in the Bronx News, Parkchester News and Coop-City News we report speaking to the other two candidates who said that neither were contacted by the NRI to either drop out or endorse Mr. Rivera.
We also reported that Mr. Rivera may need the $250,000.00 bounty from NRI to help keep himself on the ballotif and when his petitions are challenged. 
You will see our prediction on this race in a few weeks when all the challenges and court cases are over.

Fallout From Schniderman Accident

Senator Reverend Ruben Diaz to Democrat Leadership: Gentlemen, Start Your Engines!

New York State Senator Reverend Ruben Diaz (D-Bronx) issued the following statement in response to reports of Senator Eric Schneiderman’s hit and run incident earlier this evening. Senator Schneiderman’s staff member/driver was Rachel Kagan, the niece of US Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan.
“Why has there been no arrest in this crime committed by Senator Eric Schneiderman’s driver? If I were to permit my staff person to commit a hit and run or better yet, if Senator Pedro Espada had permitted his staff person to leave the scene of a car accident, would neither of us be arrested?  
Will Eric Schneiderman come forward and answer the following questions that would be posed to any DWB who just crashed their car into a parked car: “When was the last time you had anything to drink and were you taking any drugs?” Or was this situation much simpler to understand: the Senator was just in a hurry and didn’t want his staff member to delay him by stopping?
Under the property damage section of New York State’s Vehicle and Traffic law, § 600. Leaving  scene  of  an  incident without reporting. 1. Property   damage. a. Any person operating a motor vehicle who, knowing  or  having   cause to know that damage has been caused to the real property or to the   personal property … due to an incident   involving  the  motor  vehicle  operated  by  such  person shall, before   leaving the place where the damage occurred, stop, exhibit  his  or  her   license  and  insurance  identification card for such vehicle … in case  the person sustaining the damage is not present at the place where the damage occurred then he or she shall report  the  same  as  soon  as   physically able to the nearest police station, or judicial officer.
The penalty for this offense is a fine of $250 and/or imprisonment of up to 15 days.  Will justice be served?
I call upon my colleagues in the New York State Senate to immediately form a Committee and investigate Senator Eric Schneiderman’s criminal activity of flagrantly authorizing, endorsing or encouraging his staffer to leave the scene of an accident.
I call upon Charlie King and Andrew Cuomo to start the process to remove Eric Schneiderman from the Democratic Party. It is a shame that the Democrats could rally behind someone who has such a flagrant disregard for the law.
Senator Schneiderman can no longer fool us with his self-righteous cowboy act who went after Hiram Monserrate.  He’s not Mr. Clean – he’s Mr. Slick!”

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr. on Steinbrenner Passing

RE: Passing of George Steinbrenner
“Today I join 1.4 million Bronxites, and Yankee fans across the world, in mourning the passing of a great man, ‘The Boss,’ George Steinbrenner. During his tenure as owner of the New York Yankees, Mr. Steinbrenner did everything in his power to create his own winning tradition in the Bronx, an effort that resulted in seven World Series championships. While other baseball fans were jealous of this success, Yankee fans, like myself, loved him for it. Both the Bronx and New York City have lost a giant today—in baseball and in charity—and my deepest condolences go out to the Steinbrenners and the entire New York Yankees family,” said Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr.

New York Yankees owner George Steinbrenner Dead at age 80

New York Yankees owner George Steinbrenner suffered a massive heart attack, and has been pronounced dead in a Florida hospital.  Steinbrenner had just turned 80 on July 4th, was the key in the New York Yankee organization turnaround after he purchased the club.
Steinbrenner  had a career of turmoil as he had many disputes with managers, hiring and firing them at will.  Steinbrenner hired and fired Billy Martin to manage the Yankees several times. 
His son Hank Steinbrenner had taken over day to day operations recently. 
Testimonials are pouring in about the late great George Steinbrenner, and watch the All Star game tonight for a special tribute from Major Leauge Baseball.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Senator Pedro Espada Jr. Reacts to Calls For His Ouster From the Democratic Party

On Monday July 12th Senator Pedro Espada Jr. (D-33rd State Senate District) responded to calls for his ouster from the Democratic party by displaying (what he called) ten thousand Democratic signatures on a Democratic petition for him to run in the 33rd State Senate District Democratic Primary this September. Espada added that he welcomed his opponents to the Democratic Primary, and that he was not going anywhere nor can you disenfranchise him or his supporters. “The prosecution will continue to try to silence us, reporters have misused their power to assassinate my character, violate my family, and trespass on my property” Espada added. Senator Espada said that he was the highest ranking Hispanic elected official in the state, that he is a Christian, has god on his side, and that every time he gets knocked down with the help of his family and supporters he will bounce right back up.
Bronx State Senator Ruben Diaz Sr. was on hand to support “my friend and colleague Senator Espada”, and added that it is Governor Paterson who is a bad Democrat by cutting senior centers, health services, education aid, and other forms of services needed by many people, and not Senator Espada who is fighting these cuts for our community with him. Diaz then held up the New York Post Headline of Bad Bidness, the story of how the employer of the wife of Governor Paterson got a 279 million dollars state contract. Espada supporters then chanted re-elect Senator Espada, re-elect Senator Espada.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Senator Espada To Address his future with Democratic Party a Press Conference Mon July 12,2010 at 1:30PM

This just came in to us from Senator Pedro Espada Jr. in a press release.

New York State Senate Majority Leader Pedro Espada, Jr. (Dem.-Bronx, 33rd District) will hold a press conference at 1:30PM on Monday July 12, 2010, outside the Bronx Board of Elections Office, 1780 Grand Concourse, Bronx, New York, 10457  to address his future with the Democratic Party.

Engel Supports Espaillat in 31Senate District

Just one block from his Riverdale district office Congressman Eliot Engel endorsed Assemblyman Adriano Espaillat for the soon to be vacant 31st district State Senate seat. Eric Schniderman is the current State Senator from the 31st district, and he is running for the soon to be vacant seat of New York State Attorney General. Engel was joined by  Riverdale Assemblyman Jeffrey Dinowitz, District Leaders and State Committee members from the 81st Assembly District in his endorsement. Riverdale Councilman G. Oliver Koppell has also endorsed the Espaillat campaign, but was unable to make the Engel Announcement.

Saturday, July 10, 2010


Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr. announced today that his office has allocated $37.6 million in funding for projects across the Bronx as part of his FY2011 budget requests. The funding will go to help improve schools, upgrade borough infrastructure and make the Bronx a greener place.

“Once again, I am proud to show my financial support to dozens of worthy institutions across the Bronx,” said Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr. “The rebuilding and improvement of the Bronx is a top priority of mine, and with this funding my administration has continued its commitment to providing first-class amenities for Bronxites in every corner of our borough.”

The highest percentage of funding this year, like last year, from the office of the Bronx Borough President went to education, for a total of 33 percent ($12,227,000). Projects funded include the construction of a green house on the roof of P.S. 71, technology upgrades at the Leadership Institute High School, a library upgrade at Samuel Gompers High School and many other important projects.

“Nothing is more important than the education of our youth, and my office will continue to do everything that it can to make sure that Bronx students have the best possible facilities in which to learn,” said Borough President Diaz.

Borough President Diaz has also allocated 25 percent ($9,582,000) of his funding to housing, 12 percent ($4,690,000) to parks, and has provided funding to Bronx libraries, cultural institutions, and other important services in this year’s budget.

Projects include renovations at the Woodlawn Heights, Castle Hill, West Farms, Westchester Square and Soundview library branches; upgrades to the Lehman Center for the Performing Arts, construction of a new borough facility for the New York Junior Tennis League and energy efficient upgrades at the Riverdale Neighborhood House.


Report will serve as the basis for further discussion and action by the Commission
      At the request of Chair Matthew Goldstein, the Charter Revision Commission staff has prepared a Preliminary Report that will serve as the basis for further discussion and action by the Commission. The Report addresses several topics that correspond to issue areas researched and analyzed by staff, including term limits, voter participation, public integrity, efficiencies in government, and other issues.  The Report follows three months of extensive public outreach, public hearings, and Issue Forums where the operations of City government were critically analyzed by the Commissioners and experts
Following the Report’s release, the Commission will hold another series of public hearings and engage in a public discussion of the staff report’s findings, its recommendations, as well as other topics for further consideration.  The recommendations contained in the report will be debated by the Commissioners and the public in the coming months, after which the Commission will vote on a final set of proposals for consideration by New York City voters.  
View the report at

Friday, July 9, 2010

Bronx Borough President Kicks Off the Farmer’s Market Season in The Bronx

On Thursday, July 8, Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr., along with City Harvest, New Settlement Apartments and Montefiore School Health Program, kicked off the Harvest Home Farmer’s Markets Season in The Bronx.
Harvest Home operates ten farmers’ markets in the borough, offering the opportunity to obtain fresh, good quality products to Bronxites who have limited access to local farm fresh fruits and vegetables.  The markets will be open until the beginning of November. For a full calendar, please visit
“Farmers’ markets are a perfect way to preserve regional farmland, reduce the fossil fuels required to ship food from far distances, and encourage environmentally friendly growing methods. They are also a convenient source of healthy, fresh, local foods for Bronx residents, who are ready to eat better,” said Diaz Jr.
               Above Bronx Borough President Diaz checks out some of the produce available.

Coming up on Bronxtalk

On July 12, BronxTalk will present an interview with State Senator Jose M. Serrano and on July 19 Assemblyman Jeffrey Dinowitz will be the guest. On July 26, BronxTalk will focus on conditions on the Cross Bronx Expressway, the city's new pedestrian malls, alternative fuels, summer vacations, and a myriad of other travel issues with the AAA.

Viewers can call in with comments or questions at 718-960-7241.

For more than fifteen years, BronxTalk has been seen live each Monday night at 9:00pm on Bronxnet's Cablevision channel 67. It's also on Verizon Fios channel 33 and streamed live at Produced by Jane Folloro, BronxTalk is repeated each day at 9:30am, 3:30pm, and 9:00pm. Archives are available at; search for "BronxTalk."

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

NARAL Pro-Choice New York Endorses Eric Schneiderman for Attorney General

Major Statewide Advocacy Organization Cites Schneiderman’s Lifelong Record of Fighting For Reproductive Freedom
In a major boost to his campaign for Attorney General, NARAL Pro-Choice New York today endorsed lifelong progressive Eric Schneiderman at a rally in midtown. In making its endorsement in the Attorney General’s race, NARAL cited Schneiderman’s long record of fighting for reproductive freedom for all New Yorkers. NARAL Pro-Choice New York joins the growing list of over 90 elected officials, labor unions and progressive organizations that are supporting Schneiderman's campaign for Attorney General.
“NARAL Pro-Choice New York is proud to endorse Eric Schneiderman for Attorney General of New York State. During his decade of service as a state senator, Eric has been a vocal and absolute advocate for women’s reproductive health and rights,” said Kelli Conlin, President of NARAL Pro-Choice New York. “As a senator, Eric has been a sponsor of every pro-choice piece of legislation in New York. As a friend and ally, he has stood with NARAL Pro-Choice New York at every rally and event. Eric has truly defined himself as a longstanding leader on an issue that is of the utmost importance to New Yorkers. We know that as Attorney General he will do everything in his power to protect and advance reproductive rights. Eric will be a strong leader, a staunch ally, and a champion for New York’s women and families.”
“I am so honored to receive the support of NARAL Pro-Choice New York. For years, NARAL has been fighting for equality, for privacy, for justice in innovative and creative ways. From taking the fight to court, to the ballot box and to the legislature, you have been leading this movement. I will absolutely continue our fight as Attorney General,” said Eric Schneiderman.
For more information on the campaign, please visit:

The New York City Charter Revision Commission meeting on Monday, July 12th

The New York City Charter Revision Commission will hold a meeting on Monday, July 12th to discuss the next phase of the Commission’s work.  The meeting is open to the public and will be streamed live via webcast  through the commissions website at
While public testimony will not be received at this meeting, comments to the Commission can be submitted through the website by clicking on “Contact the Commission” or by emailing the Commission at
Surrogate’s Courthouse, 31 Chambers Street, Room 209  Manhattan  6PM                  The Surrogate’s Courthouse is accessible by public transportation:  Take the 2 or 3 train to Park Place; the 4, 5 or 6 train to City Hall/Brooklyn Bridge; the R or W train to City Hall; the J, M or Z train to Chambers Street; or the A, C or E train to Chambers Street.  The following bus lines stop near the Surrogate’s Courthouse:  M1, M6, M15, M22, M103, and B51. 

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Upcoming Events in the Bronx

1. – Photo Exhibit- “The Bronx: Mi Barrio, Mi Orgullo”
Thursday, July 15
Bronx Borough President’s Office 
Bronx County Court House- 851 Grand Concourse, Suite 301  6:00 pm
Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr. is inviting all Bronxites to attend the opening of the photo exhibit “The Bronx: Mi Barrio, Mi Orgullo,” by Joe Conzo Jr.
The New York Times proclaimed photographer Joe Conzo Jr. as “The Man Who Took Hip-Hop's Baby Pictures.” Born and raised in the Bronx, Joe Conzo Jr. was part of a generation that saw the beginning of Hip Hop, and at its early stage, Joey passionately embraced the role of photographer within the phenomenon.

2.- The 21st  Dominican Bronx Parade- Proclamation Day  
Wednesday, July 14 
The Bronx County Building- 851 Grand Concourse- Veteran's Memorial Hall     11:00 am
Bronx Borough President Rubén Díaz Jr. and Parade Committee Directors Felipe Febles and Rosa Ayala will announce the celebrations that will lead up to the 21st  Annual La Gran Parada Dominicana de El Bronx (Bronx Dominican Day Parade).  
The Bronx Dominican Day Parade will take place on Sunday, July 25th, from East Tremont to 167th street. The parade is the grand finale of a series of events celebrating Dominican Heritage in The Bronx.
Borough President Diaz, Jr will present a proclamation launching Bronx Dominican Day Parade Week 2010.

Monday, July 5, 2010

New York State Senator Reverend Rubén Díaz Questions Selective Prosecution of New York State Democratic Part

Senator Reverend Rubén Díaz, Chairman of the New York State Senate Puerto Rican/Latino Caucus, issued the following statement in response to media reports that the State Democratic Party is attempting to oust New York State Senator Pedro Espada.
“I am troubled to learn that despite scandals and investigations surrounding several Democratic leaders in the New York State Senate, an effort is underway to oust Senator Pedro Espada, the only Hispanic under investigation, from the Democratic Party.
The selective prosecution by the State Democratic Party of Senator Pedro Espada – the only Hispanic under investigation – should not be tolerated.
Our newspapers are filled with stories highlighting ongoing investigations of other Democratic New York elected officials in the US Congress, in the State Senate, in the State Assembly, and in the New York City Council. Yet, I don’t hear about or read about any attempt by the State Democratic Party to oust any of them – no – only when it comes to Hispanic names.
In this country, people are presumed innocent until proven guilty, not guilty upon accusation, not guilty upon investigation. If they are later proven guilty, then let the chips fall where they may. But until that time, especially in New York State, there should be no selective prosecution of Hispanics.”

Dems ready to give Pedro the heave-ho

This was in the Monday July 5th online edition of the New York Post.
Last Updated: 9:10 AM, July 5, 2010
ALBANY -- State Democratic leaders, disgusted with scandal-a-minute Senate Majority Leader Pedro Espada of The Bronx, will move to oust him from the party, The Post learned yesterday. 
A top state party official, in an unprecedented move, has prepared a letter to Assemblyman Jeffrey Dinowitz, the Bronx Democratic chairman, calling on him to formally begin the ouster effort. 
The letter, expected to be delivered tomorrow, was written with the approval of Charlie King, the state party's executive director and a top political aide to Attorney General and Democratic gubernatorial hopeful Andrew Cuomo, who has accused Espada in a civil suit of "looting" $14 million from his Soundview health-care clinic.
"This is a move by the state party to get rid of Espada for good," said a source close to Democratic leaders.
"Charlie King has been saying the Democratic Party is not for everyone, and Espada is at the top of his list for a variety of obvious reasons."
The letter, written by King deputy Edgar Santana, begins, "Quite clearly, Sen. Pedro Espada Jr. left the Democratic Party long ago in all but his official party affiliation.
"Through his repeated public statements and bad conduct, Sen. Espada has shown he is not 'in sympathy' with our party's fundamental principles," says the letter, a copy of which was obtained by The Post.
"This letter constitutes a formal request that the Bronx Democratic Party immediately initiate proceeding to cancel Sen. Pedro Espada Jr.'s enrollment as a Democrat.
"For more than a decade, Sen. Espada has cavalierly flouted campaign finance rules," the letter says, referring to Espada's failure over several years to file legally required campaign-contribution disclosure forms.
The letter accuses Espada of serving in office "in open defiance of state residency requirements that undergird our representative democracy," a reference to Espada's ownership and use of a luxury home in tony Mamaroneck, Westchester County
The letter also makes specific reference to Espada's role in the Senate "coup" just over a year ago when, along with since-ousted and disgraced Sen. Hiram Monserrate, he temporarily bolted to the Republicans and threw Democratic control of the Senate into doubt.
"Sen. Espada's Democratic affiliation is based solely on a desire for personal gain," the letter concludes.
Espada was made majority leader as part of a political deal that saw him return to the Democratic fold.
Espada, who The Post disclosed yesterday may be indicted on criminal charges this summer as a result of Cuomo's probe, is expected to be put on trial at an administrative tribunal conducted by the Bronx Democratic organization.
If Dinowitz and Bronx leaders rule that Espada should be ousted, he could appeal the verdict in state court.
Bronx Democratic County Committee Chairman Assemblyman Jeffrey Dinowitz had the following to say.
“If it’s being done by the state committee, you would think someone would actually give me a call,” Dinowitz griped, noting Bronx leaders asked the state party for assistance prior to the infamous Utopia Paradise Theater meeting at which the Rainbow Rebels clashed with loyalists to Assemblyman Jose Rivera and wrested the county committee from his control.
“We asked the state committee to come in and observe the meeting and make sure it was done fairly, because we suspected it wouldn’t be and they chose at that point not to take a role,” Dinowitz recalled. “Maybe they’re more activist now than they were.”
More as the story unfolds further.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Fraud charges loom for Pedro

This was reported in the New York Post online July 4th 2010 updated at 7:28AM.
Senate Majority Leader Pedro Espada Jr. -- accused of living large off the money from his Bronx health-care empire -- could face criminal charges for lying on state and federal applications to get more cash for the clinics, The Post has learned. 
Sources say Attorney General Andrew Cuomo's office is looking at mail-fraud and conspiracy charges that could land the Bronx Democrat in prison for at least 10 years on each count.
The charges relate to declarations made on state and federal forms and tax returns for the Comprehensive Community Development Corp., which runs clinics under the name Soundview HealthCare Network. The embattled Espada is CEO of the nonprofit.
The criminal charges could come this summer, The Post has learned.
Espada's representative did not respond to requests from the Post for comment.
We suggest you read the New York Post article at the link above as we have taken only some of the article.
We are intrigued by the line criminal charges could come this summer. Does this mean right before the Democratic Primary in September?

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Fundraiser for Hector Ramirez

Please join

Bronx Democratic Party Chairman, Assemblyman Carl Heastie
Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz, Jr.
City Councilmember Fernando Cabrera
Friends of Ramirez
in honoring District Leader
Democratic Candidate for NYS 86th Assembly District
Thursday, July 15, 2010 - 630 - 9:00 p.m.
2700 Jerome Avenue
(Between Kingsbridge Road & West 195st.) 
To RSVP, please call 646.208.3874, e-mail
Please note that this event is a fundraiser for candidate Hector Ramirez.

Senator Espada Visits Tolentine-Zeiser Senior Center

On Friday Jule 2nd Senate Majority Leader Pedro Espada Jr. was greeted by seniors at the Tolentine-Zeiser Food Pantry as monies set aside by Senators Espada and Ruben Diaz Sr. once again saved the nine slated to be closed senior centers in the Bronx. Senator Espada joined in the singing and shook the maracas as he and the seniors celebrated. Senator Espada warned however that Governor Paterson is vetoing over 6,000 lines in the budget, as he held up an issue of the New York Post calling the budget full of pork. Espada added “do you call what you see here pork, or do you call it people”. The Tolentine-Zeiser senior center was founded by Sister Margret McDermott who is still the executive director 30 years later. 
Above are pictures of Senator Espada and Seniors from Tolentine-Zeiser senior center celebrating the center staying open.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Marble Hill Youthmarket 2010

OPENING July 8th at 2:00 PM, Bronx Community Board No. 8 (BXCB8) announces the much anticipated re-opening of the Marble Hill Youthmarket, an innovative program of GrowNYC which brings fresh food into underserved areas.   The market, located on West 225th Street between Broadway and Exterior Street, will operate on Thursdays from 2:00 PM to 6:00 PM through October 28th.  See info on our website: 
Opening day will have free giveaways including Free DOT bike helmets.
Bronx Community Board No. 8
5676 Riverdale Avenue, Suite 100
Bronx, New York 10471-2194
Tel: 718-884-3959   Fax: 718-796-2763