Saturday, December 22, 2018

Congressman Engel Statement on the Trump Shutdown

“President Trump said he would shut down the government if he wasn’t given funding for his nonsensical border wall. And although the President often flip flops on his promises, he was more than willing to follow through on this one. Now, thanks to some help from his co-conspirators in the House GOP, we are mired in a Trump Shutdown just days before Christmas.

“American voters overwhelmingly rejected Republican’s xenophobic fear mongering at the ballot in November, but the GOP didn’t seem to get the message. They’d rather hold an operational government – and paychecks for American families during the Holidays – ransom than pass a clean CR.  The wall funding President Trump and the House GOP seeks will do nothing more than perpetuate a humanitarian crisis at the border, one they themselves have exacerbated.  Instead of building divisive walls, we should be focused on modernizing our ports of entry and ensuring asylum officers have the tools they need. American resources should be used to help those fleeing violence and danger, not keep them out. I urge my Republican colleagues and the President to give up this ridiculous border wall crusade, act responsibly, and pass a clean funding bill immediately.”

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