Monday, July 16, 2012

Petition Problem in 78th A.D. Race

   The Bronx News online edition of the paper just broke the story of a fatal problem to the petition of current Assemblyman Jose Rivera that was submitted to the Board of Elections. While the current 78th A.D. State Committeeman Mr. Ricardo Martinez made it clear to Assemblyman Rivera that he was running against him for the assembly seat and district leader position he also made it clear that he did not want his name to appear on the Rivera petition. As you see in the photo the name of Ricardo Martinez with the correct address of 212 Lisbon Place appears on the Jose Rivera petition. Check Thursday's edition of the Bronx or Parkchester News for the story.

   You will notice that the son of Assemblyman Rivera Joel Rivera is the new candidate for 78th Male State Committeeman. Experts in the subject of petitioning have said that this is a fatal problem for Rivera petition, and that the petition will be thrown out. You can click on the photo to make it larger.


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