Monday, September 3, 2012

NorthWest Bronx Democrats Supports & Endorses...

We received this Press release from Mr. Anthony Riveccio via e-mail.

We are waiting for it to show up as a letter to the editor in the Riverdale Press, as they have been done before.

            NWB Dems support:

86th AD- Tremont, Fordham
Mr Richard Soto, Mr Nelson Castro

33rd SD- Tremont. Fordham
Manny Tavares

78th AD-Fordham Kingsbridge Bedford Park
Mr Ricky Martinez, Mr Jose' Rivera

36th SD Bedford Park Norwood
Ms. Ruth Hassell Thompson

80th AD Bedford Park Norwood
Mr. Mark Gjonaj (endorsement attached)

Please vote on September 13th.
 We  have not included the attachment, because we want to see what the Riverdale Press will do first. By the way Senator Thompson does not have a primary.


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  2. What is NWB?
    Is that a dinowitz group?

  3. Why would anyone pay any attention to Anthony Riveccio? Emailing a press release does not make an alleged group a reality.

    The last name of endorsed candidate is the 33rd Senate district is spelled incorrectly. Doesn't really matter though, because Gustavo Rivera is going to resoundingly beat that homophobic tool of Sen. Diaz no matter how you spell his name.

    The endorsement in the 78th Assembly is nonsense -- Riveccio's imaginary group is endorsing both candidates?

  4. To Mr Invisible (and"it" questions my "reality" lol

    Sir, Mam, Madam, whatever (but to educate you

    a 30 year activist in Community District 7
    Former Long Term Board Member CB7
    Pormer President of 204th St Merchants Association
    and i will not go on (cause i can)

    but to note

    NWB Democrats TODAY, has a 20 team force, that has been working with both The Ricky Martinez & Mark Gjonaj campaigns since June (Petitioning) sucessfully getting a combined 3000 signitures.

    Since our existance, we have assisted in over 15 local campaigns

    And who are uuuu........?????????

    Oh And PS. WE ARE NOT ENDORSING ANYONE IN THE 78th AD. (I know you dont have a name but can you read?) . We support (in this order BOTH Ricky Martinez & Jose Rivera

    And for the prior replyer

    NWB is Northwest Bronx Democrats........An affilation of North Bronx Thinktank

    and to thank Mr Press of this blog for both: putting our supporters & endorses accuratly on his site.

  5. Editor's comment-
    Mr. Riveccio sent the previous reply, but we have to question his loyalty to candidates he obtained signatures for, and who are his running mates.

    Aside from Mr. Martinez and Mr. Taveras there was one female district leader, two state committee members, a total of five Judicial delegates, five Alternates, and a candidate for civil court judge, which make it 16 candidates Mr. Riveccio gathered signatures for in the 78th A.D.