Sunday, February 1, 2015

Assemblyman Carl Heastie to Step Down as Bronx Democratic County Leader

  As much as it is a foregone conclusion that Bronx Assemblyman and Democratic County Leader Carl Heastie will become the next speaker of the assembly, word is that he will be stepping down as county leader. The two names mentioned as possible replacements for Heastie are Assemblyman and Bronx Democratic County Committee Chairman Jeffrey Dinowitz, and upcoming Assemblyman Marcos Crespo. It was Marcos Crespo who replaced Ruben Diaz Jr. in the 85th Assembly District when Diaz Jr. was elected Bronx Borough President.


Assemblyman Jeffrey Dinowitz Above
Assemblyman Marcos Crespo Below



With these two possible replacement for Heastie, it is possible that because they are friendly and may draw from the same delegations that a third candidate could make it a race for new county leader, with enough votes to win. Names are still being thrown about, but no New York City elected official may serve as the county leader. 

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