Saturday, December 19, 2015

TEAM DIAZ Holds Christmas Party

  It was being billed as Bronx elected officials State Senator Ruben Diaz Sr., Assemblyman Luis Sepulveda, Assemblyman Marcos Crespo, and Assemblyman Michael Blake will be celebrating their annual Christmas Party at Mastero's Caterers located at 1703 Bronxdale Avenue with over 500 people expected to attend. 
  Assemblyman Michael Blake was on a trip to Israel, and Newly elected Bronx District Attorney Darcel Clark showed up to help celebrate. As the evening went on Assemblyman and Bronx Democratic County Leader Marcos Crespo announced the person that the Bronx Democratic County organization will be supporting in the non-partisan special election for the 17th City Council seat of Maria Del Carmen Arroyo. Councilwoman Arroyo announced on Monday November 23rd that she was stepping down as of December 31st after ten years and midway through her third and final term in the city council. There is speculation as to why she is stepping down, but no real answer as to why. It seems to have been a swift and secret selection process as I have already received calls from more than one potential candidate that there was no notification of a selection process, that Councilwoman Arroyo is still in office, and that there has been no date set yet for the special election. 
  I asked Assemblyman Crespo about the selection process, and was told that he reached out to candidates that had committed to running for the seat. When I asked how a selection could be done when there is no vacancy yet, and even several people who may enter the race, Crespo said that he did not want to wait. It seems to be a quick decision by the Bronx Democratic County organization, and I have already been told a few things about the choice that I will check into. It could be that the choice was made to keep certain candidates from running for the 17th City Council special election much as was done in the recent selection of the candidate to replace former Bronx District Attorney Robert Johnson. More on this in my 100 PERCENT political column. 

Above - People lined up outside of Mastero's to get a good seat.
Below - You can see these people enjoying themselves while they dance the night away.

Above - Newly elected Bronx District Attorney Darcel Clark dropped by to talk to the people and take some photos also.
Below - Councilwoman Vanessa Gibson was also on hand to celebrate.

Above - Assemblyman Mark Gjonaj was also on hand after he helped Santa Claus back into his sled from the Morris Park Christmas tree lighting nearby. 
Below - District Leaders were announced, and here Assemblyman Luis Sepulveda gives kudos to his Female District Leader Julia Rodriguez.

Above - Senator Diaz Sr. announces the birthday of his grandson Ruben Diaz Jr. III.
Below - Could it be that Senator Diaz has found some new amigos to replace the other Three Amigos he had in the state senate, as Community Board 2 District Manager Rafael Salamanca (left next to Assemblyman Crespo) was announced as the choice by County Leader Crespo in the 17th district. I wonder what the connection between them is? 

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