Thursday, October 10, 2019

Team Ritchie - Trump is STILL trying to build his wall

We know how chaotic the news cycle is right now. Such is life in the Trump era.
But as House Democrats grapple with how best to hold this lawless president accountable, we can’t forget that the Trump administration is still trying to erect a ridiculous wall on our southern border -- and they want to use funds intended for military projects and schools to do it. So much for Mexico paying for it?
We can’t let the Trump administration get away with using our tax dollars for a border wall that nobody wants. They’re counting on us being too distracted to notice. Please sign our petition today to show them that you‘re paying attention.
Donald Trump is still obsessed with a vanity project that only serves to appease the xenophobic faction of his base -- and it’s up to us to speak out against this border wall. Sign our petition today to let the Trump administration know where you stand.

-- Team Ritchie

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Here is another candidate running for the 15th Congressional District who can't wait for 2020 (if elected) to fight Donald Trump in his second term as president. Why is candidate Torres not trying to put a Democrat in the White House?
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