Wednesday, October 20, 2021

73 Days and Counting - What's That the Reporter From the Bronx Chronicle Wants to Ask Me a Question? He is on My Do Not Call On List.


I'm in the Bronx with my good friend Councilman Oswald Feliz shooting some baskets back on July 28th, a few days after a shooting right here in this very playground. That Pesky reporter from the Bronx Chronicle Robert Press took this and other photos of me not wearing a mask, and come to think of it no one else here is wearing a mask. That reporter always asks me questions I don't want to answer so with my video Media Availability I tell my moderator not to take any calls from the Bronx Chronicle and from Robert Press. Now that we are going back to full in class school, full inside dining, full inside almost everything, reporters who I thought were my friends are asking me when are we going back to regular in person press conferences.  

I have only 72 days left in office, and I am going to make sure I don't take any questions from reporters I don't want to. I don't want to hear about how bad our homeless population situation is, how bad our NYCHA buildings are, how bad our public schools are, how people are afraid all over the city to go out with crime at such high levels, gangs roaming the streets at night on dirt bikes and other off road vehicles, quality of life is at its lowest its ever been in the city, and our city jails are a mess to name only a few things that are wrong. I don't want to hear about that. That is why I only take questions four days a week Monday through Thursday, and from only eight reporters whom I thought were my friends I take no questions at events I attend without wearing a mask. Here is a photo from that Bronx Chronicle reporter Robert Press of me speaking at the groundbreaking of the New Hip Hop Museum in the South Bronx back in May of this year before any mandates went into effect. 

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