Friday, October 22, 2021

Governor Hochul Announces Start of $64.4 Million Project to Replace Bronx River Parkway Bridge in the North Bronx



It is nice that this bridge on the Bronx River Parkway is being replaced, but traveling the Bronx River Parkway, we have seen the bridge over the subway lines between the Cross Bronx Expressway and Boston Road is in much worse shape than the bridge being replaced. As a matter of fact if one was to drive over the bridge being replaced, one would wonder why is this bridge being replaced and not the bridge further south over the subway lines where the expansion seams have expanded much more than they should have, causing gaps in the roadway. The elected officials comments are left in to show how little they know about the entire length of the Bronx River Parkway in the Bronx. 

New Steel Girder Bridge Over the Metro-North Railroad Will Enhance Safety and Improve Travel Along Major Commuter Artery

Nearby Concrete Arch Bridge Over the Bronx River Will Also Be Repaired

 Governor Kathy Hochul today announced that construction has begun on a $64.4 million project to replace the bridge carrying the Bronx River Parkway over the Metro-North Railroad in the Wakefield and Woodlawn Heights sections of the Bronx. The project will replace a 72-year-old structure with a modern, multi-girder steel structure that will improve travel and enhance safety along this vital artery for commuters in the Metropolitan Area. Additionally, a nearby concrete arch bridge carrying the parkway over the Bronx River will be repaired and the northbound exit ramp from the Bronx River Parkway to Bronx Boulevard will be extended by approximately 70 feet to reduce congestion and further enhance safety.

"Investments in infrastructure are one of the surest ways to super charge New York's economy and at the same time create a more resilient transportation network that keeps people and goods on the move," Governor Hochul said. "The Bronx River Parkway is one of New York City's most critical travel corridors, and with this bridge replacement now complete, we're not only ensuring the continued safe operation of the Metro-North line, but also fostering growth and prosperity for the entire region."

Approximately, 450 Metro-North trains pass beneath the Bronx River Parkway Bridge every day.  The new structure will feature a new, wider concrete deck, 12-feet-wide travel lanes and new shoulders on both sides of the bridge. Other improvements include new bridge abutments, retaining walls, LED lighting and drainage. Scheduled for completion in fall 2024, the new bridge will have an estimated service life of about 75 years.

Improvements to the nearby concrete arch bridge over Bronx River will include new concrete safety barriers along each side of the bridge, wider travel lanes and new shoulders. Structural repairs will be made to the bridge's underside and the stone façade will be cleaned and a new protective coating added. Additionally, new LED lighting will be installed, handrails will be painted and new information signs will be placed along the adjacent Bronx River Greenway.

The project also includes improvements to the Bronx River Parkway between Nereid Avenue and East 233rd Street, including new LED lighting, wider travel lanes, new shoulders, resurfaced pavement and new overhead sign structures. To better manage traffic volumes, signal timings will be recalibrated at the exit ramp at East 236th Street and Bronx Boulevard, and at the intersection of Carpenter Street and East 236th Street. The project will also make landscape enhancements throughout the project limits, including the planting of 23 new trees and 189 shrubs.

In order to minimize impacts on the traveling public, lane closures during construction will largely be limited to weekends and overnight hours.

State Department of Transportation Commissioner Marie Therese Dominguez said, "This important project demonstrates Governor Hochul's commitment to building back our infrastructure to better serve New Yorkers and meet the challenges of the 21st century. This new bridge and all the improvements being made along this vital corridor, will enhance safety and improve traffic flow throughout this busy section of the Bronx."  

Representative Jamaal Bowman: "New Yorkers deserve 21st century infrastructure that centers around safety, accessibility, and equity, and I'm excited that ground has now been broken on this important project to modernize the Bronx River Parkway. As Congress works to pass substantial investments in all aspects of our nation's infrastructure, I'm looking forward to working with Governor Hochul and the rest of our state and local government to ensure the longevity of our transit networks." 

Senator Alessandra Biaggi said, "Strengthening New York State's infrastructure is critical to ensure our community's long-term safety. This project will not only protect commuters, it will limit congestion and reduce travel time as well. I want to thank Governor Kathy Hochul for prioritizing the Bronx River Parkway bridge in the North Bronx and investing in our State's public infrastructure."

Assemblymember Jeffrey Dinowitz said, "The Bronx River Parkway is a vital piece of infrastructure for both Bronxites and commuters from the Hudson Valley. Like many areas throughout New York and the nation, it is critical that our government invests in this infrastructure so that it can last many more decades. Thank you to Governor Hochul and the NYS Department of Transportation for giving this area, where the parkway crosses Metro-North tracks and the Bronx River itself, the attention and investment it needs." 

Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr. said, "Ensuring safety, improving infrastructure and reducing congestion to this vital artery that connects commuters in the Metropolitan Area is much needed in the northern section of The Bronx. Thank you Governor Kathy Hochul and New York State Department of Transportation for beginning this vital work."

Council Member Eric Dinowitz said, "I'm thrilled that the North Bronx is getting this critical investment in our infrastructure, making it safer and more convenient for commuters to cross the Bronx River Parkway. These much needed improvements prove that state leadership is paying attention to the Bronx. I'd like to thank Governor Hochul for her commitment to our great borough."

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