Wednesday, March 4, 2020

KZA Realty Group Helps Bring Full-Service Health Care Center to Tremont Renaissance with a Major Leasing Deal

 KZA Realty Group helped improve the quality of life in the Tremont section of the Bronx by bringing a full-service family health center to the new Tremont Renaissance building at 1910 Webster Avenue.

Kathy Zamechansky, owner and president of KZA Realty Group, represented Mastermind, Ltd . in the 15-year lease deal with the New York City Health and Hospitals Corporation. Michael Dubin and Hector Rodriguez at Savitt Partners, LLC, represented the city.

“Mastermind Development’s investment strategy requires us to add value to the communities we serve. This has been fundamental, and natural, to our vision as a lifelong New York, Bronx based company,” said Radame Perez, Chief Operating Officer. “From
the inception of planning Tremont Renaissance, our aim was to develop a property that addressed 3 critical areas that are in crisis throughout the city as a whole, but severely impact many neighborhoods in the outer boroughs - those would be, access to quality, sufficient, and affordable – housing, nutrition, and health care.“

The 15-year lease is valued at $14,146,767.86 and covers 21,643 square feet on the ground floor of one the most exciting new developments in the Bronx, a borough that is undergoing rapid transformation as the borough’s real estate boom continues.
“As soon as the developers started building the Tremont Renaissance, excitement began to ripple throughout the neighborhood,” said Kathy Zamechansky, owner and president of
KZA Realty Group. “The building is a catalyst and a reflection of the vitality that is energizing the Bronx.”

The Health and Hospitals Corp. plans to open a comprehensive family health center to provide pediatric, primary, urgent and elder care. Amenities at the pace-setting Tremont Renaissance, a mixed-income residential development consisting of 256 apartments and a
parking garage, include a fitness and yoga studio, a children’s play area, an internet lounge and rooftop terraces.
Radame Perez also added “With over 60% of our 256 apartments already occupied, 15,000 square feet of our 40,000 square foot commercial space open for business as a supermarket, and now a signed lease commitment for a full service Health Care Center to assume the remaining commercial space, we feel we’ve done well with Tremont Renaissance and are eternally grateful for KZA bringing the last piece of the puzzle to us with New York Health and Hospital.”

The location is a half-block from the Metro-North Tremont station (less than eight miles from Grand Central Terminal), two subway lines and several bus routes.

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