Thursday, December 9, 2021

24 Days and Counting


Here I am at the Bronx Democratic Party Dinner a couple of months ago. They loved me up in the Bronx, and I gave Speaker Heastie all those millions of dollars for that new YMCA in his district. Hey Bronx Democratic Party Leader Senator Jamaal Bailey, that YMCA is in your district also, and didn't you say that you would be using that new YMCA with your family? 

Since Carl was not with you at the Coop-City turkey giveaway you had with Governor David Patterson, I mean Governor Kathie Hochul, and that veteran political reporter Robert Press asked you if you were endorsing Kathy your answer was what? 

Now that Letitia James has withdrawn from the governor's race you and Carl can endorse me, as I am now ready to announce that I am running for Governor now that A.G. James is running for reelection, you can endorse both me for Governor and A.G. James for reelection now. 

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