Wednesday, December 8, 2021

25 Days and Counting - Political Stunts at Community Board 7's Christmas Tree Lighting


Hey Ruben, What's this I hear about last night's Christmas Tree lighting at Community Board 7? District Manager Ischia Bravo turned it into a political show by having Assemblywoman Nathalia Fernandez's new District Leader candidates on stage. First she wouldn't let the current Female District Leader Irene Estrada speak as District Leaders and State Committee people have in the past, or is was because I hear that the District Manager is rumored to be the Female District Leader candidate. The Male District Leader candidate was called on stage by Fernandez's incumbent State Committeewoman. That guy had no business being on the stage with the community board members and elected officials such as Councilman Eric Dinowitz. 

Then I hear when my favorite pesky reporter Robert Press asked the CB 7 District Manager Ischia Bravo why a non CB 7 board member who is Assemblywoman Fernandez's Male District Leader candidate was on the stage, she yelled at him "are you harassing me", and told him to leave a public community board event or she would call the police to remove him. What's up in your community boards, maybe this District Manager should be suspended or removed as the District Manager Ruben?

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