Friday, December 10, 2021

23 Days and Counting - Be My Second Banana Ruben


Hey Ruben, Governor David Patterson, I mean Kathy Hochul has just instituted a mandatory mask requirement to avoid a surge in COVID cases. Ruben your friend Ace Reporter Robert Press hits me with questions I can't answer, and he will probably mention this on his You Tube live show Fridays at 12 PM called PARROT TV TALKING POLITICS. He will probably post this photo on the show that he took in May this year at the Hip Hop Ground Breaking.

Ruben has Kathy Hochul offered you the job of Second Banana to her since Brian i in trouble with the CFB? Why don't you run as my Second Banana or are you going to be like Freddy Ferrer and not take the position as he turned down Eliot Spitzer. Maybe that is why Letitia James pulled out of the governors race, she didn't want to possibly make it three in a row. If you run with me Ruben, I promise not to call you Freddy Ferrer.

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