Saturday, May 18, 2019

Assemblyman Benedetto Sponsors Bill A7607 in Response to WELL Campaign Report

Assemblyman Michael Benedetto stood with leaders from the Wellness, Equity, and Learning Legislative Campaign to talk about bill A7607. The findings of the WELL Campaign report are concerning and make it clear we need to create solutions at the state level said Assemblyman Benedetto. Bill A7607 establishes a model state wellness policy that connects the dots to support a student's physical, mental, and emotional health he added.

The WELLNESS Campaign pointed out that almost one in three New York children are overweight or obese, while one in six struggles with hunger. As a result students face physical, cognitive, and emotional challenges leading to decreased school performance. 

Under federal law, all New York school districts must have a wellness policy. Many districts however struggle to develop meaningful policies. 

The WELL Campaign will make New York a leader in comprehensive school wellness by connecting the dots between related components of student health and well being. It will include healthy eating, physical activity, and mental health. That will give New York children the best chance of achieving academic success.

The WELL Campaign calls for developing a New York State model wellness policy. Investing Ten million dollars to support high-needs districts with wellness policy implementation. Creating an online hub to centralize district wellness policy and reports. 

Healthy, active children learn better, perform better academically, and behave better.

Above - Assemblyman Benedetto with Claire Raffle (The Wellness Campaign), Elly Moltzen (Bronx Health Reach), and Lorey Zaman (NYS PTA).
Below - Claire Raffel of the WELLNESS Campaign answers a question from this reporter about previous attempts at wellness programs, and why those programs failed. 

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