Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Michael Beltzer - Why I am running in 2021 - 'COMMITTED'

We could not agree more with the 
first word Mr. Beltzer, 'COMMITTED'!

We now ask the man who has the first word 'COMMITTED' what is he hiding that he does not want 
me to interview Samelys Lopez.

Mr. 'Committed' Beltzer does not want me to ask Samelys Lopez why she said she was running Bronx Progressives, and stepped down as the entire executive board (in her own words) at the Bronx Progressives meeting the night before she announced her candidacy for the 15th Congressional district. 

Mr. 'Committed' Beltzer does not want me to ask  Samelys Lopez why she did not even let her own club Bronx Progressives know that she was announcing her candidacy for the 15th Congressional district the very next day.

Mr. 'Committed' Beltzer does not want me to ask 15th congressional candidate Samelys Lopez why she anointed eight members to replace her, more than half who were 
not at the meeting, while there were only four other voting members present other than Ms. Lopez and Mr. Committed Beltzer. 

Mr. 'Committed' Beltzer there are more questions such as what were the finances of Bronx Progressives while Samelys Lopez was handling the financial matters of 
Bronx Progressives, and how was the money accounted for? Is that where part or whole of the unaccounted $7,049.53 came from, because only $5,300 is accounted 
for out of the total $12,349.53 raised according to the September 30 2019 campaign filing?

Mr. 'Committed' Beltzer there are more questions, but I can ask them here on social media where the public will see 
the questions that go unanswered for now. 

Mr. 'Committed ' Beltzer, you may want to change that first word, because we thought you were really 'Committed'.

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