Sunday, January 19, 2020 - Double standards

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez for Congress

One thing is clear: the DCCC has a double standard for how they talk about moderate, Blue Dog Dems and progressive candidates for Congress.

Blue Dogs in Congress have spent years attacking progressive values, breaking the party line, and sinking progressive legislation.

Many of them have refused to pay their dues to the DCCC.

But the moment that AOC says she’s not going to hand over your contributions to help protect corporate Democrats? The head of the DCCC goes on national television to criticize us.

But their words won’t deter us. This week we founded a new PAC, Courage to Change, to build infrastructure for progressive candidates who need our help.

The DCCC’s bias against progressives hurts our party. It’s bad enough that they use pour millions of dollars into campaigns to help protect anti-choice, pro-corporate, pro-Trump incumbents who don’t listen to Democratic voters.

But they also have an on-the-books policy of blacklisting teams that work with progressive challengers — even if the people they’re primarying vote with Trump, advocate for the end of Roe v. Wade, or side with the NRA.

Here’s a promise: we’ll never hand over your small-dollar contributions to organizations like the DCCC as long as they support conservative, corporate Democrats.

We’ll directly support red-to-blue progressives, political newcomers, and working-class candidates — because someone has to.

In solidarity,

Team AOC

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