Thursday, May 14, 2020

Was Rhinelander Avenue closed from Williamsbridge Road to Bronxdale Avenue?

  On Wednesday May 13th Mayor Bill de Blasio and the NYCDOT closed twelve miles of NYC streets so people could walk in the streets. One such street that was closed was Rhinelander Avenue in the Bronx from Williamsbridge Road to Bronxdale Avenue for the entire half mile portion of the roadway 

Looking across Rhinelander Avenue from Williamsbridge Road one can see police barriers set up, but not fully across the road as cars and trucks continued to travel on Rhinelander Avenue, while there were no people taking advantage of the closed street to use it to walk

Above - A UPS truck dashes between the barriers blocking off Rhinelander Avenue at the Tomlinson Avenue intersection. 
Below - Small signs were placed on these two barriers at the Tomlinson Avenue intersection of Rhinelander Avenue. 

Above - One has to get right up to the barrier to read that Rhinelander Avenue is part of the NYC Safe Streets Program.
Below - Someone has put this street barrier to use as a parking space holder.

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