Wednesday, November 4, 2020

Let's See How My Predictions Did On Election Day 2020


1 - Prediction - Presidential race will be to close to call Well it is now more than 24 hours after the election (on the East Coast), and there is still no winner announces for President. Law suits have been filed, it is alleged that several states had more people vote than were registered to vote, and it is also claimed that numerous dead people voted either in person or by mail.

Outcome - With all the law suits we may get ti\o know who the president is by Thanksgiving. 

2- The AOC - Cummings race. Cummings will do better than expected, but fall short. Also AOC's primary opponent will ne no factor. 

Outcome - Right on the money 

3 - 80th A.D. race Gene De Francis will be the winner.

Outcome - Wrong on this one.

Two out of three is not bad, and the Yankees would love to have a winning percentage of .667 every season.

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