Friday, May 8, 2020

Council Member Andy King Addressed The Senseless Killing of Family Member

Council Member Andy King
Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams

It was also a day where again we speak on the injustice of young Black men being killed by White men. New York City Council Member Andy King addressed the ruthless and inhumane killing of Ahmaud Arbery - A young man who was shot and killed in Brunswick GA.  "Maud" as he was called would have been celebrating his 26th birthday today, May 8, 2020 along with his family, but instead our family is mourning his death.

Racial violence, hatred, and systematic agendas still exists. We MUST continue to educate people, that the color of someone’s skin does not validate an execution!

The first step to receiving justice for our grieving family is the arrest made of his killers. In addition our family is calling for the immediate resignation of District Attorney Jackie Johnson.  These murderers must never be set free!

Hatred Will Not Prevail!
Let Justice Be Served!

"Our Perseverance In The Future Lies In The Resiliency Of Our Past"
Council Member Andy L. King

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