Friday, May 8, 2020

Pelhan Parkway Squirrels to the NYCDEP - Leave Our Homes Alone

  Could there be more trees to be cut down on Pelham Parkway? Local Pelham Parkway squirrels are up in arms, and will defend their homes to the death. Anyone who may try to cut any tree down on Pelham Parkway, had better be careful of the squirrels who call the trees their home. 

Above - Rocky wants to know where his favorite tree went.
Below - This squirrel wanted to remain anonymous, but is looking out for anyone who wants to cut this tree down. 

Above - Another mad squirrel is on the watch for anyone who wants to cut down this tree.
Below - One squirrel stands watch in front of this tree, while its friend stands guard at the foot of the tree. 

Above - Two more squirrels stand guard by this tree, as a third is not far away.
Below - Four squirrels guard these two trees.

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