Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Governor Cuomo Announces Collaboration with Gates Foundation to Develop a Blueprint to Reimagine Education in the New Normal

NYS and Gates Foundation Will Convene Experts to Answer Key Questions AboutWhat Education Should Look Like in the Future

Announces New Contest Asking New Yorkers to Create and Share a Video Explaining Why People Should Wear a Mask in Public; Interested New Yorkers Can Learn More at WearAMask.NY.Gov

Confirms 2,239 Additional Coronavirus Cases in New York State - Bringing Statewide Total to 321,192; New Cases in 41 Counties

Governor Cuomo: "There's also no doubt we're also going through a devastating and costly moment in history. It's costly on every level, number of lives lost, the economic impact, personal impact, substance abuse has gone up. Domestic violence has gone up. Mental health issues have gone up. So, we have paid a very high price for what we're going through, but the hope is that we learn from it and that we are the better for it. We endured the pain. Let's make sure we benefit from the gain."

Cuomo: "Let's take this experience and really learn how we can do differently and better with our education system in terms of technology and virtual education, et cetera. That's something we're actively working on through this process. It's not about just reopening schools. When we reopen schools, let's open a better school and let's open a smarter education system."

 Governor Andrew M. Cuomo announced that New York State is collaborating with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to develop a blueprint to reimagine education in the new normal. As New York begins to develop plans to reopen K-12 schools and colleges, the state and the Gates Foundation will consider what education should look like in the future, including:

  • How can we use technology to provide more opportunities to students no matter where they are;
  • How can we provide shared education among schools and colleges using technology;
  • How can technology reduce educational inequality, including English as a new language students;
  • How can we use technology to meet educational needs of students with disabilities;
  • How can we provide educators more tools to use technology;
  • How can technology break down barriers to K-12 and Colleges and Universities to provide greater access to high quality education no matter where the student lives; and
  • Given ongoing socially distancing rules, how can we deploy classroom technology, like immersive cloud virtual classrooms learning, to recreate larger class or lecture hall environments in different locations?

The state will bring together a group of leaders to answer these questions in collaboration with the Gates Foundation, who will support New York State by helping bring together national and international experts, as well as provide expert advice as needed.

Governor Cuomo also announced a new contest asking New Yorkers to create and share a video explaining why people should wear a mask in public. The winning video will be used as a Public Service Announcement. Videos should be less than 30 seconds long, should show a mask properly worn over the mouth and nose and must be submitted by May 30th. Interested New Yorkers can learn more at WearAMask.ny.gov.

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