Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Council Member Andy King - Statement Regarding Covid-19 Stats in Zip Code 10469

Recently there was a report put out by Department of Health regarding COVID 19 statistics for New York City. 

In this report it listed that zip code 10469 in The Bronx, where I also reside, is the leading zip code in The Bronx and number 2 in the state.  It says that 10469 incurred 307 deaths and 41% of the residents tested positive.  I am clearly disturbed not only at the numbers in this report but the tone that it sets for the residents living in 10469.  I would like more clarity on what those real numbers are, because 10469 population is 66,631 people; 41% of that is 27,318 people. I question the Department of Health, whether they tested 27K people or is the 41% represented out of the number of people that you tested?  If so, what is the number of people you tested?  While this pandemic is a serious matter, we should not put data that creates emotional stress or is misleading to the public at any time.  So, I call on the Department of Health to give us detail numbers of people that were actually tested within 10469, because we have a responsibility to keep people calm when there is a state of emergency.

Councilman Andy King.

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