Friday, May 22, 2020

Mayor de Blasio visits Jacobi Hospital for The 7 PM Clap

  Friday evening Mayor Bill de Blasio stopped by Jacobi Hospital to congratulate the health care workers at Jacobi saying "You were saving lives before this crisis, we wish we never had". In looking at the over one hundred hospital workers the mayor noticed two soldiers who were helping out, and asked them where they were from. One said Salt Lake City, and the other said Minnesota. The mayor thanked them for coming to help New York City.

  At 7 PM Mayor de Blasio led the 7 PM clap, and then turned to the firemen and police officers behind him leading the crowd in a big thumbs up to all the Front Line workers. He then spoke to some of Jacobi Hospital workers before leaving.

Above - Mayor de Blasio arrives at Jacobi Hospital for the 7 PM Clap.
Below - Mayor de Blasio receives a 'Straight OUTTA COVID-19' shirt from the hospital workers. 

Above - Mayor de Blasio leads the Jacobi Hospital workers in a big Thumbs Up to all the Front Line workers.
Below - Mayor de Blasio speaks to some of Jacobi Hospital's Front Line workers before leaving.

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