Monday, May 18, 2020

Nathalia Fernandez - Campaign update -

Over the last several months my entire team has put politics almost entirely to the side in order to support our community in the Bronx. I am so proud of the work we've accomplished together and while this fight is not over, I have to ask a small favor of you.

We are only 5 short weeks away from the June Presidential Primaries, and while I've put politics in the back seat for now, I still need to make sure voters in the district turn out on June 23.

These past few months have shown us just how strong our community is -- not just in the 80th Assembly District, but in the Bronx as a whole. 

Gratefully yours,


  We have deleted any reference to fundraising since Assemblywoman Fernandez does not have a primary, and we also encourage the voters of the District to come out to vote. While Assemblywoman Fernandez will not be on the ballot there will be a primary for Democratic Male District Leader between former 80th A.D. Male District Leader Marcos Sierra, and John Zacarro Jr. the current Male District Leader. 
  There will also be a primary for the open 80th A.D. Democratic Female District Leader seat between Irene Estrada and Jean Hill.

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