Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Governor Cuomo Announces Lowest 7-Day Average COVID-19 Positivity Rate Since November 28 - FEBRUARY 16, 2021


7-Day Average Positivity Rate Drops to 3.71%

6,620 Patient Hospitalizations Statewide

1,271 Patients in the ICU; 878 Intubated

Statewide Positivity Rate is 4.95%

107 COVID-19 Deaths in New York State Yesterday

 Governor Andrew M. Cuomo today announced that New York State's 7-day average COVID-19 positivity rate dropped to 3.71 percent, the lowest since November 28.

"The numbers continue to trend in a good direction because New Yorkers are taking this virus seriously and doing the right things to protect themselves and their families. New Yorkers should be commended for that," Governor Cuomo said. "We are working 24/7 to get vaccines into arms as quickly as possible, and while we have the operational capacity to do more, lack of supply remains the single limiting factor. So while we do the work of getting every eligible person the vaccine as quickly as humanly possible, we need to continue to be smart: wear masks, socially distance, avoid gatherings, and stay New York Tough."

Today's data is summarized briefly below:

  • Test Results Reported - 136,392
  • Total Positive - 6,753
  • Percent Positive - 4.95%
  • 7-Day Average Percent Positive - 3.71%
  • Patient Hospitalization - 6,620 (-3)
  • Net Change Patient Hospitalization Past Week - -1,255
  • Patients Newly Admitted - 560
  • Hospital Counties - 53
  • Number ICU - 1,271 (+1)
  • Number ICU with Intubation - 878 (+3)
  • Total Discharges - 138,975 (+433)
  • Deaths - 107
  • Total Deaths - 37,328

It is important to note that data, including test results and hospital rates, reported early in the week are often not completely reflective of the current situation due to lower discharges and testing volume over the weekend. Data trends over a period of time, such as using 7-day averages, are a preferred metric.

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