Sunday, February 14, 2021

Michael Beltzer - My Story


The story of how I came to make the Southeast Bronx my home for the past 13 years is one of love. I began as a New York love story: my mother was a houseless Dominican immigrant and my father came into a Manhattan soup kitchen every Saturday. She would come on the line and sing to him. 

That lead to me being born in Southeast Queens. Unfortunately, my mother never got the mental health services she needed ( i remember the bruises from the police) and my father has spent the rest of his life fighting addiction. So I was raised in a loving household in a well resourced Long Island town by my aunt and uncle. Their love and care saved my life.

Fast forward to a night out at Webster Hall and i end up in love and living on Noble Ave! It was there I began to feel a new type of love: community love. That is the reason I've raised my family here. My neighbors look out for each other, are generous, and care deeply about their family and friends. I can't imagine living anywhere else.

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